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The Northern Wav is a group for Minnesotan modern musicians who are serious about making their passion into a paying career. All skill levels, ages, races, and genders are welcome. Keep in mind our focus is mostly on newer popular music: Hip Hop / RnB / Pop / Alternative / Electronic / Indie

After the 30 free days, this meeup costs $5 a month. The money goes towards refreshments, speakers, events, and the cost of running the meetup. Whoever presents will get 20% of the monthly pot.


INTRO (5 min)
When you first arrive, there will be a sign in the parking lot indicating the direction of the venue. Feel free to bring in your instruments, laptops, or bags. We’ll do a bit of catching up and chit chat while waiting for everyone to arrive. New members can introduce themselves and people can network. Music recommendations are welcome! The organizer will go over some guidelines and then we’ll start.

LECTURES (15 min)
Anyone can present a lecture as long as they think it would bring value to the group. This can either be from your personal experience, or as a result of compiled research. You will get 20% of the monthly revenue for presenting. These are pretty casual, but a little effort goes a long way. Try to learn more than you already know. Establishing your intellectual dominance is a sure way to impress the opposite sex. Include some information that could help beginners, and some that helps advanced musicians. PowerPoints, demonstrations, and videos are great.

Here are some example topics you can use or get inspiration from:

PRODUCTION: Mixing, Mastering, Best plugins, Buses/Sends, DAWs, Reference Tracks, Room Acoustics

MUSIC THEORY: Chords, Effective Dissonance, Piano, Guitar, Swing Theory, Harmony, Sheet Music

SONGWRITING: Writing a great hook, Telling a story, Avoiding cliches, 5 senses, Flow, Rhyme, Cryptomnesia

BUSINESS: Live Videos, Spotify Playlists, Licensing, ASCAP/BMI, Booking, Music Videos, Blogs

Break out your instrument, crack open your laptop, or put some pen to paper. This is a time to write new songs. Come up with as many ideas as you can in the given time. This could be chord progressions, hooks, drops, bars, titles, moods, beat boxes or whatever else you can think of. The voice memos app on iphones or the android alternative is the best way to get these rough ideas out. They don’t need to be perfect or polished, just scratch takes that can later turn into songs. This way you can choose the best ideas instead of spending a long time on one song that might not even be that great. Find your own space and try to keep the noise level down slightly so other people can think and record.

This is the part where everyone can pitch their voice memos, A/B test mixes, or get their songs critiqued. You can submit songs to the group dropbox or the organizer’s email. After listening, we will go around the room to get feedback. Try to come up with one complement, and one piece of constructive criticism. Remember this group is open to every skill level, and many different genres. No negativity is allowed, only constructive feedback. Music is mostly subjective; everyone has different tastes, genres, skills. No music style is “trash,” or “not real music” Broadening what you listen to is one of the best creative things you can do. Anyone who keeps bringing negativity into the group will be kicked out. If you don’t have anything to share or aren’t comfortable, there’s no pressure to pitch. Everyone should try to come up with some feedback though for those who do.

At the end of every session, there is an open forum where members can pitch ideas for changes. We can all consider it and vote if need be. This way this group can evolve to be the best version of itself. There are some ideas the organizers already have for the future. We might lengthen the meetup from an hour and change, to two hours if we get enough members attending. We are also planning to add special meetups.

JAM SESSIONS (afterwards)
After every meeting is over, some people choose to stay and jam out on their instrument or by singing / rapping. This isn’t mandatory or very productive, but it is seriously fun.

The format above is the standard, but we might take little field trips from time to time. This could be a member’s concert, busking, or anything you guys suggest. There is also the potential to have collaborative meetups. For example, a portrait photographers meetup and this one could have a networking day. This would be a great opportunity to get some professional photos on the cheap and meet some other creatives in the area.

1. No Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, or any other kind of bigotry
2. No negativity, every music genre takes some skill and creativity. Music is mostly subjective, and we’re all here to get better.
3. Every constructive criticism also has to have a compliment
4. No using other people’s Equipment without their permission.

1. Bring an instrument, something to write with, or something to record with. Laptops are great but not necessary.
2. Submit to the group dropbox or email me a link to songs, artwork, etc
3. You don’t have to come for the whole time if the lecture doesn’t apply or you have other things going on.

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