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If you have ever felt Doubt, Fear, Guilt, Confusion or Inadequacy, the Nest is for you. If you believe you are more Spiritual in nature and understand that you have the right and the responsibility to follow your purpose, this group is for you. If you understand that no one gets to where they want to be by themselves, then the Nest is for you.

The Nest (Nurturing Empowerment Succes & Truth) was created to form a community of people who want to feel empowered, be inspired by your own story and the growth of others, and be supported and encouraged as you design the life you are meant to have regardless of the past, perceived mistakes, failures and what others may have told you you lack. THIS is THE NEST! Welcome!

If I sound familiar, it is because I founded FREE (Females Reaching Excellence thru Encouragement). I am deeply grateful for the success of that group but The Nest is dedicated to both Men and Women in all professions...not just Entrepreneurs.

We meet every month (location to be determined) and have other events as well that reach outside of the Meetup community. We have a different topic each month that is designed to help get you from where you are to where you are meant to be. If you are like me, you have attended feel good, motivational seminars and meetings before. However, maybe that feeling lasted exactly 7 minutes or until you woke up the next day and fell back into the same old routine with the same habits. That is because being inspired isn't enough. Feeling isn't enough. We have to know what to DO. At The Nest we talk about what to DO to set you up for success. It might be goals, changing behavior's, removing emotional obstacles or self-doubt. We will not judge, we will listen and we will encourage and support one another in an environment that is safe and trustworthy.

In addition to monthly meetings, by being a Member in The Nest, you will have access to weekly emails that will provide you the tools to succeed in all areas of your life. You will also have access to individual coaching sessions should you request them, discounts on other Nest gatherings outside of Meetup and tips/connections from other Members of The Nest! You will be picking up the necessary sticks to build the life you are meant to have!

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Women's Empowerment Conference

AIM Institute

Selling Yourself & Anything Else More Effectively

DJ's Dugout Sports Bar - Miracle Hills

Wish Upon A Grave

6058 Maple St


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