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W/up Central Florida Professionals! Everyone needs a local network because the tribe mentality works.

I'm Jason Perez & despite having growing business I abruptly abandoned the daily grind & ran away to SoCal (Laguna Beach, Ca) like the Feds were chasing me.

When I'm asked "why did you run away to the west coast" I say; Some people crash into a mid life crisis... I decided to zig when others zagged & took a 4 year mid-life vacation.

If you have kids or are a "Toys R Us" kid @ heart, you probably know "Hakuna-Matata" means "No Worries". My Meet-Up goal is to help introduce, nurture & share an "Orlando-Matata" vibe with local professionals like myself.

Long story short - A tribe philosophy exist & their's never a reason for any of us to attack the daily Hustle alone.

Let's get past dry communication tactics & LET'S TRULY CONNECT!!! 🤙

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Jason L. Perez
Central Florida Insurance School
Authorized Insurance Education Provider
(IG): @Onflipside

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