What we're about

"To you is aimed our truth and devotion until the last erudite breath!'

Inspired by the original 'Akademie Olympia' created in Bern in 1902 by Einstein, Habicht and Solovine

A group meeting regularly to discuss mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, art, computing, trading, literature and philosophy with the aim to assist each other in creative thinking and learning and accelerated learning / knowledge acquisition.

The group is open to everyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and background.

The only prerequisite is that you have a curious nature, that you are maybe a tinkerer, and you like to experiment, you like to think outside the dodecahedron and are perhaps of an adventurous disposition.

You do not need a degree, you do not need to be a polymath, or have Ph.D! You do not need a high IQ or Mensa score. You do not need to be a genius at maths.

We are down to earth and appreciate that you don't need academic qualifications to be smart.

Join us for some lively discussions and interesting days out!

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Genetic algorithms and machine learning - history and modern usage

Holiday Inn London - Wembley, an IHG Hotel

Trading the FX Markets with algorithms and expert advisors

Holiday Inn London - Wembley, an IHG Hotel

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