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I started F.R.E.E. because Women who have their own businesses need the support of other women who share the same dreams, challenges, frustrations, fears and successes.

You don't need a store front to join the group...if you work from home you are a woman that has your own business. If you are at home taking care of your children, you have your own business. If you want to have your own business but something's been holding you back then come talk to us. Girls, Ladies, Women...we have to support one another. In an environment where everyone is "connecting" yet no one is communicating, we need each other. So gather around our kitchen table and let's talk about the issues that matter the most. Family, relationships, spirituality, finances, work, goals, fears and insecurities. You don't think some of those things have to do with being an Entrepreneur or having your own business? Uhm, we're women...EVERYTHING is connected to how we do what we do and how well we do it.

FREE...Females Reaching Excellence thru Encouragement. That is who we are. We don't judge, condemn or ridicule. We embrace individuality and we support what makes us unique and what we have in common.

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The Bookworm

Women's Empowerment Event

AIM Institute


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