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What we’re about

Calling all those interested in personal growth, spiritual inquiry, and being part of a community of like minded individuals. 

This MeetUp group offers gatherings of all kinds in regards to classes, workshops, events, entertainment and lectures that focus on personal growth topics, spiritual topics, health and healing topics, body therapies, energy healing and more.

The Online Center for Personal Evolution offers real time meetups in Elizabeth City, NC and in Virginia Beach, VA. 

We also offer an online format. This format is seen as a regular meetup but is actually only an online activity. It is self directed and independent. Unfortunately in order to post these independent and online only meetups I must put a time and a location! It is always indicated on the meetup if it is online only so please check for this when you inquire or explore a meetup on the calendar. I will continue to give notification of how this works. 

Look for new online meetups coming soon!