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I used to run another Meetup group and it was quite popular for a bit there - mostly because of my descriptions and failure to control my alcohol.

Anyways, I'm a photographer so I work from home a lot and I work the majority of weekends. Meaning it's V hard for me to make/find/keep friends. So what I'm trying to say is that unfortunately for me, Meetup is my only connection to human connections. Don't get me wrong, I've made some amazing friends off of Meetup. I even met the guy of my dreams on here 😍 so I'm grateful... but I also think 99% of Meetups & the people that host/attend them suck.

I attended one comedy show Meetup where the host didn't even show up. It was this "sponsored" Meetup event just to get people to go to this trash stand up comedy show. Like thanks Meetup host with vague name, if I wanted to sit alone, watch comedy, and feel like a complete loser I would have just turned on Amy Schumer's Netflix Leather Special.

I've hosted Meetups where people come and don't say a single word. Didn't realize I was hosting a Meetup for mimes. Another time this guy actually asked me if I would host his graduation party as an event. This isn't rentafriend.com. What I love the most is when people's personalities don't even improve with alcohol.

Ever since I started hosting I've tried to be real, honest, & fun. I'm down to meet new people, try new things, and enjoy Chicago. I'm also looking to make REAL friends. Like people who will text me back and actually hang out on occasion. We're all busy with adult life and responsibilities but if you can't grab a drink and chat about which Fyre Fest documentary you liked better at least every month or two then honestly don't even bother

The only thing I ask is that you DON'T JOIN THIS GROUP IF:

-You're looking for the love of your life. Like hey, you might end up like me & find them 😍but plz refrain from trying to slide into the DMs of my Meetup attendants.
-You're never going to come to an event. Thank you for boosting my ego by making me feel like I have more members but just don't
-You're gonna judge me for drinking too much, possibly making a fool out of myself, and maybe even crying before the night ends. If y'all had to host a Meetup and talk to even half of the people who attend these events, you would also be a drunken mess. Don't think you're above it, trust me.
-You're never available to hang out on a weekday. LiVe A LiTtLe
-You're going to ask me why I'm so dressed up. I ALWAYS dress up. I'm the Kardashian of this group. Don't expect any less.
-You're going to ask me if you can host/co-host an event. The answer is NO. You are more than welcome to pay $20 a month and create any group your heart desires. But you're not hosting an event in my group.

That's basically it. I feel like those aren't the highest standards ever. This is a group for 20 & 30 somethings (single or in a relationship, either way!) who are looking for friends and to have a good time. If you're a nice, cool person then I'm sure we will get along just fab

So I look forward to meeting you & seeing what shenanigans shall follow

Also, follow me on Insta if you wanna keep in touch - themaceylynn

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Couples Bingo + Drinks Night @ City Mouse 🍻👫👭👬

Whoever said a good man is hard to find obviously never found one and then tried to find a good couple friend to double date with on occasion Because THAT is hard to find My boyfriend and I have been together almost a year and while we love spending most of our time watching Netflix with our cats, sometimes it's nice to have a couple friend to go out with and be #couplegoals with on Instagram ya know? So we're on the search for a couple friend Which seems V hard to find in this city. It seems most people under 35 are like "I just wanna be single and do the single thing in the city and it's so dumb when people date exclusively bc they're giving away their youth" while simultaneously swiping right on Hinge during the entire conversation. There's nothing wrong with single friends, but we would like to find a fun couple friend(s) who would wanna go out to a bar here and there or hang out every so often at a music thing or for a game night or for trivia or a movie etc etc So if you're a couple (dating, engaged, married, insert your definition of togetherness here) and would like to meet another couple (& hopefully a few others!) then let's all hang out for a post-work drink and get to know each other a bit & hopefully win big at the Bingo game hosted by Ace Hotel @ their bar City Mouse 🐁 *PLEASE only attend if you’re planning on bringing said partner 🙄 don’t come alone & make it weird

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