Friday The 13th - 1,000+ Member Soirée @ The Creepiest Bar In Chicago 👻

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L & L Tavern

3207 N Clark St · Chicago, IL

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I always post where/how to find the group once I arrive

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Y'all it's been a hot minute since I've hosted a Meetup group. Ya girl has been busy getting engaged, wedding planning, vacationing, and trying to enjoy the fleeting days of Chicago summer (like, how is it already August are you joking).

That being said, I noticed while I was MIA that this group still has like a lot of people joining it and we're pretty close to 1,000+ members. It's a huge boost to my ego that even when I'm away there are still plenty of people joining my cause against the perils of & meeting people from a website.

Also, Meetup just raised their pricing to like $25 a month & I'm like it's gonna be a no from me - so I'm trying to make a few more friends before I most likely say "Sayonara" to Meetup for good. (Don't worry, I usually always come back).

In honor of Friday The 13th, let's celebrate what better be 1,000+ members at L&L Tavern aka the creepiest bar in Chicago with the exception of when the majority of y'all creepy Meetup people venture out to literally any bar.

Make some new friends, see where Jeffrey Dahmer searched for his next victim, drink a bit too much - ya know a casual Friday evening.

PLEASE don't come if you're gonna be like "OMG Macey, you're SO fun like let's hang out sometime again" & then never ever ever hang out with me and waste my time. Just be honest & be like "Listen girl, I'm just here to make Snapchat think I have a social life and not have to drink alone". Plz & Thank You.

Also PLEASE don't come if you're creepy or gonna make a move on literally anyone attending or ask me some dumb AF question like "Can You Host A Party For Me" or "Can I Host An Event On Your Page". Like no sorry I'm not Google don't ask me anything. I know it's Friday the 13th so this is asking a lot but just curb your creepiness for one evening.

Can't wait to get spooky with y'all 🎃