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Opal Connection Year runs from Sept 1, 2021 to Oct 1, 2022.

Please Note: Sometime towards the end of 2021 we will be transferring to a Private group on Facebook. Stay tuned for details.

We welcome all women 40+ that are interested in meeting female friends and building lasting relationships within our group. We respect and support every women that joins our group. By being part of the Opal Connection, we hope to provide inspiration to those around us to make our lives better by nurturing the connections we make. All meetups are for members only unless otherwise noted. We will try to have family and friend events occasionally. We do not have any dues at this time (but meetup does cost--any donations can be made directly to Shirley).

Membership Requirements: If you can meet these requirements, feel free to submit an application to the Opal Connection

--Woman +40

--Ensure your profile for the group includes your real first name (or call name) and a picture of yourself (only you)

--Ability to RSVP electronically (i.e. internet or app accessibility) If you RSVP that you will attend and then decide to cancel, you must 1st) change your RSVP to no, then 2nd) let the host know if possible 3) and COMMENT on the meet-up specially if there is a wait list.

--Host at minimum 1 meet-up per Opal Connection year (Sept 2021 to Oct 1st, 2022) (See Host responsibilities below)

--Attend as many meetups as you can, but at minimum, attend one (1) meetup every 2 to 3 months. NOTE: All members are responsible for their own costs and transportation to and from a meet up and during the meet up unless otherwise noted. Example... if we go out to dinner, you pay for our own dinner.

Meetup Host Responsibilities

Determine what and where the meetup is all about (going for a walk, theatre, chat time). Communicate with one of the Event Organizers of the Opal Connection. They will create the event and designate you as the Host. At minimum, the Event Organizer needs the meetup title and date. This will give you the ability to edit the event on the computer. All meetups are for members only, unless otherwise noted. Hosts are responsible to start the meet-up within 10 minutes from the start time. There is no need to wait long periods of time. After your event, please report any no-shows or issues to Shirley ( shirley@reddog.org ), our organizer.

Attendee (Member) Responsibilities

Please read each meet up carefully. Each meet up may have rules and restrictions. Be sure to check that Meet-up is representing your RSVP specially when you change it and there is a wait list. Try not to be a last minute cancelation as your Host is expecting you & may have spent money to provide certain materials for the meetup. If you RSVP that you will attend and then decide to cancel, you must 1st) change your RSVP to no, then 2nd) let the host know if possible 3) and COMMENT on the meet-up specially if there is a wait list. We don't want only one person showing up. Show up on time!Enjoy yourself and meet Opal Connection members!

WHY THE OPAL CONNECTION? The Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. That is what I want the Opal Connection to do for each member! Each Opal in nature is unique, just as our members, Opal has a larger proportion of water in it than most stones and is considered a water stone. This can help ease the effort of handling change in life. Like water rolls over and past rocks and roots in its way, the energy of opal can help continue on your path regardless of obstacles. During times of transformation, this is an invaluable energy to work with and hold close to your heart.

SAFETY AND PRIVACY--The Opal Connection takes the safety and privacy of our members very serious. Our meetup group is locked down to non-members. Once approved, you will have 30 days to attend your first meet-up to verify who you are, or you will be removed (on hold until after the re-boot). Although we do have a guy as our organizer, Bruce is just the 'money guy'. He is married to Shirley and has organizer privileges with Meetup.

AGREEMENT-We are just a club designed to meet friendly women, make new friends, and have some fun. All members and participation in events/meet ups are done so on a voluntary basis. When joining our group you accept all rules and give up your rights to sue or hold the organizer or host responsible for any loss, pain or suffering that you may incur. The Organizer reserves all rights to change or cancel any rule, event/meet up or membership at any time.

MEMBER CONTACT INFORMATION on a google spreadsheet:


STANDING MEETUP Contacts (these always needs hosts!): Bowling: Karin Byrd; Birthday lunches: Wendy Moore; Book Club: Shirley Smith

General 'rules of thumb' for participation and of the Opal Connection (a lot of these ‘rules’ came about due to incidents over the past few years!)

• Frequent attendance is encouraged so that the relationships you are seeking can happen. The organizer does monitor participation and will remove members who do not participate. Expectation is to have members attend at least one meetup every 2 to 3 months. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time--please let Shirley (The organizer know).

• Three no-shows per Connection year whether an event has a wait list or not will have you removed from the group. (The count starts as of Sept 1, 2021). Previous year's no-shows are not counted, but can be considered a lack of respect for the group. Please let Shirley know if you have a reason for the no-show besides--I forgot would be greatly appreciated.

• Although social media connections are not required, Opal members should show the same respect to other members on those platforms as you do within Meetup. Any member that blocks an Opal Connection Organizer on social media will be removed from The Opal Connection.

• If you are unable to participate in our meetups for a period of time (i.e. surgery, long vacation, etc.) please let Shirley, our organizer know.

DOGS AT EVENTS POLICY--Unless specifically stated in the meetup/event description, well behaved, in-control dogs are allowed at Opal Events that are held in an outdoor, public place that dogs are allowed. For example such as music in the parks and hikes. Owners are responsible for their dogs.

PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY--Candid and group photos are taken by members at all meetups. By becoming a member you agree to allow your picture to be taken at our events. You also understand that said pictures may be uploaded to various social media sites where you may be identified by name. The Opal Connection cannot control or will not try to control the pictures that members take at our events. If this is unacceptable to you, well, the group may not be the appropriate place for you to be.

MEET UPS/EVENTS- Members are required to organize or host ONE social meet up per connection year (Starting Sept 1, 2021 thru Oct 1, 2022), that way, we have a variety of activities to choose from, so we may fulfill our members needs. Just let one of our event organizers know some of the details (Title and date) and we will have it posted. You are made the Host of the event which gives you edit capabilities over your event.

Co-Hosting: Each member is required to host a meetup. Co-hosting of simple events (coffee or a meal out) will not count as 'your meetup' to fulfill membership requires. You can co-host all you want, but each member must host their own meetup. Extravaganza events--co-hosting will be at the discretion of the Organizer (Shirley). Please contact her for more details.

Sales meet-ups: If after you have satisfied your membership with a social meet-up, you can choose to host a 'sales meet-up'. These are the direct sales things. ONLY ONE SALES meetup per year per person AFTER you have hosted your membership requirement meetup. Please respect this and do not expect members to fund your new business venture or your friend's new business venture. These types of meet-ups must be approved by Shirley the Organizer prior to creating it on the Meet-up site.

NO-SHOW POLICY: Three no-shows whether there is a wait list of not will have you removed from the group. If you change your RSVP AFTER the start time of the meet-up this will be considered a no-show. This behavior could potentially leave another member by themselves at a meet-up.

Also... if there is a wait list, please avoid any last minute cancellations. A "NO-SHOW" with a waitlist may result in immediate removal.

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