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Rebalance, Reground & Refocus

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Feeling out of balance?? Unfocused?? Need grounding?? Then join me every 3rd Sunday of the month to reclaim your natural balance.

With the chaos of our day to day lives it is easy to become ungrounded, un-centered and just plain off our game. This sensation is largely because our chakra centers (pivotal points in which your body absorbs and releases energy) have become emotionally blocked or over stimulated.

Why balance the chakras? What are the benefits?

The chakras are points in which we absorb and distribute energy which supports the functioning of the body, mind and emotions. If there is too much or too little energy flowing through a particular chakra it will cause many emotional, mental or physical symptoms. This is why it is essential to re-balance.
The chakra system is constantly changing in response to the stresses of life and living. Suppose, for example, that you spend many hours doing mental work during the day. This may cause the chakras associated with the functioning of the mind to become over-stimulated because so much energy has been flowing through them. Your mind may become overactive and make it hard to relax or to sleep at night. Balancing would help the energy stop flowing so much through this overactive point and allow balance to once again to restore the body.

Every 3rd Sunday of the month throughout 2013 we will explore each of the 7 main chakras, how they impact you & ways to rebalance them to their natural state.

You will LEAVE Each Month with the TOOLS needed to reclaim your balance!

A LOVE OFFERING of $10 is requested but please do not let this stop you from joining!