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This group is different -- YOU are the organizer! Pick something fun, at a time that works best for you, and post away!

PLEASE NOTE: Because you are now an organizer, it is very important to never, ever, never click on the box that says "Organizer Tools" unless you are actually organizing the event. To change your r.s.v.p., use either the checkmark for YES, or the X for NO. Got it? Maybe take a look right now at what the Organizer Tools box looks like...go ahead, we'll wait... :)

Here are a few helpful tips for organizing an event:

1. Please know that most people are REALLY NICE. Especially when you are suggesting something fun to do!

2. There are tons of things you can post here. I personally would sign up for (and this is just off the top of my not-enough-coffee-yet head): Scrabble at a coffee house, Cross country skiing, Pistons Game, Theatre night, Book club, Ice Fishing if you taught it, Walk through Cranbrook, Movies, Game of Thrones themed paint ball game, Photography field trip, Rock Climbing, DIA Film or Stroll, Field trip to Toledo Museum, Ann Arbor shopping, and I wasn't kidding about the trip to Cuba!

3. Yes, there are groups for all of these things already, but the BEST thing about this group is YOU get to pick the place and time! Everyone is waiting to see what you come up with so we can have fun! You will be very, happily surprised to find out that many people will want to knit with you, or talk about Stranger Things at a dive bar. I promise.

4. Try to give at least a weeks notice for your idea. You don't have to - just go for it if you want to see a movie today. But I've learned a few meetup tricks over the last 8 years and that is one of them.

5. HOW? Look for the RED button that says SCHEDULE, and do your best. Message me for help if you need it. Also remember to click on the red ANNOUNCE button when you're finished.

Have fun!!!! - Christine

P.S. If you want to have fun, but don't see yourself as an Organizer of this fun, feel free to click on the green "Chip In" Button found on the "Members" tab, and contribute that way instead. I will really appreciate the support. Thanks!

Upcoming events (5+)

Board Game Night @ Dragonmead Brewery

Dragonmead Brewery

Join us for The Loaded Die's weekly board game night at Dragonmead Brewery! Pick a game from their 50+ game library on site or bring some of your own from home. Come meet new friends to play with or bring your regular gaming or craft beer buddies. Don't know a game? Metro Detroit Game Night's and The Loaded Die's hostess with the mostest, Alyx, will be there to greet, teach, and make sure you have no trouble getting into a game right away. Show up anytime! RSVP on Meetup and / or Facebook and show up for ticket(s) to enter the raffle for a free board game. Whenever you order one of Dragonmead's delicious craft beers you can get an additional ticket! Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/417366575446996/ TLD Game Library @ Dragonmead: http://www.theloadeddie.com/library-collection/#library-collection2/?view_929_page=1&view_929_filters=%5B%7B%22field%22%3A%22field_417%22%2C%22operator%22%3A%22is%22%2C%22value%22%3A%225978a594dd7f[masked]ca44%22%7D%5D&view_929_per_page=1000

Muldoons - Friday Hangout


Let's head back to Muldoons after a couple years. We'll have the front area around the pool table reserved for the group. Please arrive as early as possible : )

Skiing and snowboarding at Mt Brighton

Mt. Brighton

Skiing and snowboarding at Mt Brighton. Rental and lift tickets prices to be advised. NO SCARVES THEY ARE DANGEROUS ON THE SLOPES. Kids are welcome to come. I will not be giving lessons for this event. If you do not want to ski or snowboard you are welcome to show up later for the "board meeting" after 5pm. https://www.mtbrighton.com/explore-the-resort/about-mt-brighton/about-mt-brighton

RAW Detroit presents: REFLECT (Art Fair) ft. Science for Sociopaths

Hey Detroiters, Science for Sociopaths is coming back to Michigan for a one-night only show! About: Science for Sociopaths is performing with an international artist collective called RAW. Science for Sociopaths and a couple other musicians will be playing original music while multimedia artists hailing from all over the world display their visual and performance art! Think art fair on steroids. Check out some of Science for Sociopaths' original music and covers on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxR_xJvBmZ9gjMCj8YmldbQ The more people who sign up to attend this showcase through Science for Sociopath's RAW artist profile, the more RAW city collectives the band will be invited to perform at. This is a great opportunity for Science for Sociopaths to gain access to new cities and audiences, branching out from home town Detroit! Your support is appreciated, and we can't wait to see you all! Note: There are a limited number of tickets for this event, so mark your calendar and DO NOT DELAY purchasing your tickets! Purchase tickets via the Science for Sociopaths RAW artist profile link below: http://www.rawartists.org/scienceforsociopaths

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