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Meet fellow photo enthusiasts near you! Come to a Photography Meetup to talk about the latest gear, swap tips and techniques, share your images and stories -- and have fun doing it!

This group is open to all;from beginner, amateur and of course to the more professional digital and film photographers. Only a handful of members are semi-pro, most are keen hobbyists and amateurs who just enjoy learning and practicing.

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This is an active group with lots of opportunities for picture taking and fun exchanges with fellow photographers at all levels.

We ask members to contribute $5/year to cover the costs of site costing and administering the group. The individual events are generally free or have a cost recovery fee to share the event overheads (such a room rentals, speakers, special talent...)

Our focus is general - landscapes, public events, nature, architecture, animals ...
Just about anything but people.

If your interests encompass people, then also check out the Ottawa Model Photography Special Interest Group. This "People" interest is handled with professional models who pose for portraits, boudoir, pin- up, glamour, fashion, art nudes, creative themes, cosplay...

Once you are a paid up member, of the Ottawa Photography Meetup, there is no added cost to join: https://www.meetup.com/Ottawa-Photographer-Model-Meetup/

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Holi Colour!

Andrew Haydon Park


Holi is the Indian festival of colour. From Holifestival.org : "It is also sometimes called the 'festival of love' as on this day people get to unite together forgetting all resentments and all types of bad feelings towards each other." We are going to capture some of the fun and wonderful colours of Holi in a camera-safe setting with 2 fun and wonderful ladies - Sophie Bégue and Emily Kerr. Sophie: https://www.starnow.ca/sophiebegue Emily: @cutesi (https://www.instagram.com/cutesi/?hl=en) All levels of photographers are welcome, if you wish to bring lighting you can do so. From the test shooting we did, I found reflectors worked well and were less hassle. I will bring a couple of these. We will be in a park setting and can take advantage of grassy hills, trees and water backgrounwds. I suggest a long lens to safely capture action images when we start throwing the colours. After that, any lens 70mm and up is fine as there is no risk. This event is somewhat weather dependent, so if re-scheduling is needed, and you can't make the rain date, a full refund will be given. If the Meetup is full, leave a comment below and we will put you on a wait list. Our 3rd model is Shyllean McLean (photo uploaded here) We'll meet beside the pond near the west parking lot. Hope you can join us!

Apprentice for a day

Needs a location


There was a lot of interest for my last "Photo Assistant Opportunity " http://www.meetup.com... (http://www.meetup.com/The-Ottawa-Photography-Meetup-Group/events/30095321/) I'll offer them again, but in the meantime allow me to leave this as an open invitation. What I'm suggesting is I work with you one-on-one and offer anyone interested personalized education in the form of "photo apprentice for a day". For a fixed fee of $100 I'll guide you through a photo shoot from start to finish. This is not me doing and you just looking, this is you doing and me coaching. What I'd work with you on is tailored to your needs. Here is a sample "day": 1-- Creating a shoot concept (approx 2 hours) 2-- Finding a model/client (1 Hour) 3-- Locating the props (variable) 4-- Scouting a location (variable) 5-- Planning and scheduling the shoot (variable) 6-- Doing the shoot together (approx 2-3 hours) 7-- Editing the final images (approx 2 hours) 8-- Presentation/deliver to the client/model (variable) The fee just covers my time and coaching presumed to be about a typical day. It is not a physical "day" but a typical work day (7-8 hours) spread out over several weeks as our mutual schedules permit. this can be adjusted if you need a bit more or less. You can bring your own talent, or I can usually help find make-up artists, models etc that you can help select. Also available for reasonable fees are access to my studio, props, paid model pool. I encourage you to use your own euipment, so you learn to better use your own gear, but I can also loan you whatever is needed to achieve your apprentice learning goals. I get various requests from models for photo shoots but I am very selective in which I can take on, and generally charge models for their portfolio work. If they are unable to pay the rates and agree to shoot with my apprentices, I add them to a waiting list. Then under this Apprentice program, you have access to some of the models I have on the waiting list. Since I have my own studio, I can make that available too, for a discounted rate of $15/hour under this program. If this is of interest just drop me a note at Mailto:[masked] and we can discuss a "virtual" day aimed at your personal needs.

World Multicultural Festival

Lansdowne Park

World Multicultural Festival The World Multicultural Festival Committee, Ottawa, is hosting a free event to showcase the artistic talent of the various communities who call Canada home. It will be held November 30th 2019 at Landsdowne Park. If you would like to volunteer as a photographer please sign-up at this meetup page. It is a daylong event, therefore several photographers will be needed to cover the various activities. The organizers will provide transportation from designated pickup and drop-off points if you require a ride. Please note you will not be reimbursed parking costs if you bring your own vehicle. https://www.worldmulticulturalfestival.com

Ottawa 12 Hour Street Photography Project
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Photos from: http://www.24hourproject.org Official Ottawa Project Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1607598379495390/ If you decide to RSVP, please sign up to this facebook group for the latest updates and collaborative functions required to pull this off. WHAT: You pick the 12 hour time slot over the month of August. Slot 1: 9am to 9pm - Day time Slot2: 9pm to 9am - Over night The mission is to document / tell a story of Ottawa at as you see it. You will select one photo that represents each hour. Your 12 photos will be put into a book with your name as a chapter where your story will be showcased. The book will be digital (free) or possibly available for print (non-profit). An example of a similar project which is also the inspiration for this one can be found here: http://www.24hourproject.org/about/ WHY: To challenge photographers to think in terms of a series of images to make a single statement. A documentary / journalistic but yet can be voyeuristic. This might not be the easiest for those just starting out in photography. I'm not looking for random pretty shots. The images must lead into one another and belong in the series. A message and or tone must be delivered. This is not easy but great for someone looking to get more out of street photography. HOW: Any camera. Any lens. Cell phone is PERFECTLY fine. Again, what's important is the "series" nature of this. The images do not require to have people in them. Use your imagination. Submit your 12 final hourly photos that makes your series directly to me via dropbox with a resolution of 2048px on the long edge. All images must be taken during this event time frame. WHERE: Down town Ottawa. I will try and facilitate pairing up people where requested. WHEN: You have the entire month of August to find a 12 hour chunk to do your work. Your 12 photos must be submitted to me by September 15th. NOTES: Going out at night can be dangerous. By choosing to partake in this event, you are doing so at your own risk. I will personally be doing my 12 hour slot during the evening as I have done this many times. I will discuss my approach in the facebook group I create. Feel free to comment with your suggestions or ideas for this as nothing is written in stone. Official Ottawa Project Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1607598379495390/ If you decide to RSVP, please sign up to this facebook group for the latest updates and collaborative functions required to pull this off.

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