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What we’re about

As life travelers, in both body and spirit, we all have deeply personal burdens and struggles that we carry. Some of our burdens are named ones: depression, anxiety, loss, addiction, shame, religious guilt, codependency, physical illness, etc….. Some of our pains are unnamed. What they all seem to have in common, however, is that they make us feel like we don’t belong, wrestling us away from the present moment or the 'now', pushing us toward isolation.

Eventually, we seem to figure out along the journey that it is better to embrace openness and vulnerability in dealing with our challenges, rather than trod a path of hiddenness and repression.  Though this road is not necessarily easy, its travelers slowly begin to feel and claim their purpose and connectedness………

Imagine Well Being is a meetup that allows us to safely share our stories of how we deal with named or unnamed struggles, what tools, guides or practices have helped us to grow, and how to explore potential creative ways that help turn these seeming weaknesses into strengths for us and others.

The only agenda is kindness to self and others, as we listen, share, and connect.