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meteor showers and eclipses
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Delta Aquariids Active from July 21st to August 23rd 2015 Alpha Capricornids Active from July 11th to August 10th 2015 Perseids Active from July 13th to August 26th 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse Sep 27-28 Penumbral Eclipse begins Sep 27 at 8:11 PM Partial Eclipse begins Sep 27 at 9:07 PM Full Eclipse begins Sep 27 at 10:11 PM Maximum Eclipse Sep 27 at 10:47 PM Full Eclipse ends Sep 27 at 11:23 PM Partial Eclipse ends Sep 28 at 12:27 AM Penumbral Eclipse ends Sep 28 at 1:22 AM More in Oct and beyond

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A group of stargazers who meet once or twice a month in Oxford Mass. If you're a casual backyard astronomer or have never done much observing at all, gazing at the stars might be just the remedy you need to take your mind off every day life. Astronomy is obviously the oldest and most popular of space hobbies. Even the occasional sky-watching by unaided eye or a small telescope can be a marvelous experience, This group is for the casual observer. Things to know if your considering the Oxford Astronomy Group, You don't need a telescope to get started. Just an interest. In fact you should not get a telescope yet. A lawn chair and a good clear night is all you need. How do you know what to look for and where to look? You need a star wheel.

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