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Our group is for Young Professionals that are first and foremost looking to meet new friends in Pinellas County. You may also find that this group works well to network with your new friends for business however that is secondary. This group isn’t for everyone…

We are focused on attracting positive Young Professionals from ages 21-49 simply because we know that it is many times easier to relate to people in our own generation.

Our experience is connecting 1000s of people with a strong track record. Chris and Ryan started the Pinellas County Meetup Group in 2015 and have been constantly re-evaluating how to create a stronger and more personal network.

10 things you can expect when you join our group -

1. You are becoming part of a community of people where you can thrive - making things happen and living life to the fullest.

2. Connecting with others will be easy as we are happy to introduce you to others so that you feel welcome.

3. Experience the best of Pinellas County with fun events that appeal to the young professional demographic - Charity drives, Social Brunches, Concerts, Private Tours, Team Sports, Boat Outings, Wine Mixers, Speed dating, Fitness Meetups, Pub Crawls, and much more!

4. An environment where a really close group of people have the time of their lives! We encourage each other to succeed both personally and professionally. Whether you are single, a couple, or you even become a couple when part of this group, you’ll fit right in!

5. Networking potential as opportunities open up with the more people you get to know. Part of our job is to network and through our experience we have realized how rewarding it is to see people build business connections and lasting friendships.

6. A judgement free zone… with no tolerance for drama or making people feel uncomfortable.

We make it a point to be inclusive of all members and encourage our members to share these same values. We reserve the right to remove any member at our discretion.

7. Great perks… as our group grows in size we are able to use that to our advantage with local businesses offering perks, discounts and freebies. Want to help us succeed? Invite your friends!

8. Perfect for both people new in town and natives alike, we have an appetite for exploring and creating new experiences for our group. As real estate professionals, we have the leverage to manage a group like this successfully and be your local community experts.

9. An opportunity to grow and be a leader among young professionals. We are always looking for event organizers that have ideas they want to put into action. We give our members a platform via a private FB group where ideas are shared and experiences are created.

10. After creating a meetup group that still runs strong today with over 2700 members, our mission is to take this group to the next level. Help us grow the best social group for Young Professionals in the 727 area code!


Hi I need to address our no-show policy. It’s pretty common practice for people to RSVP to an event and then sometimes not show up without updating their RSVP. I’d like to request that you stay true to your RSVP from now on and either show up for the event or update your RSVP atleast two hours before the event to help us organizers make this run a bit smoother.

You may not think it’s a big deal to not update your RSVP but there’s a few situations I’ve been in that could have gone smoother if I enforced this rule earlier. A couple of weeks ago I hosted speed dating and we had some no shows. It’s a pain in the ass for me to modify the speed dating roster on the go when some people show up and some don’t. Also last year I did a few boat meetups and everytime there’s a waitlist. I’ve had a couple of people RSVP and not show up, which means you took someone else’s spot that would have enjoyed coming on the boat. That is shitty and probably bad karma.

I just need you to be true to your word and show up when you say you are. I gotta say - I’m not the smartest or most ambitious person in the world but I feel like I’ve done alright for myself simply because I always 100% honor my commitments. Even when I’m stupid hungover I know that I would lose some respect for myself if I made an excuse or didn’t show up. I expect the same from you if you’re going to be part of this group.

Anyways from now on I’m going to start a 3 strike rule for events that have limited capacity. This will be enforced for any event you RSVP to that has an attendance limit. If you RSVP and don’t show then I’ll mark you as a no-show and will ask the other event organizers to do the same. Sign up for 3 and don’t show up and you’ll get fucking BOOTED. Sorry I’m not trying to be Nazi Germany over here but we do need some incentive for people to be true to their word.

OK that’s about it, I think this is a good start. If we keep getting shows then I may have to extend this to all meetups not just the ones with limited capacity. I always like hearing input from others so please let me know if you have any other ideas to help make this group better!!!

Upcoming events (4+)

Sunny Saturday Beach Day!

Postcard Inn

Hey friends! The weather is becoming SO nice now so we thought it was time for one of our famous PCI beach days & to have some fun in the sun together.

Feel free to bring some friends to tag along but this will be a great place to socialize & make some new awesome friends!

Mike and I will be bringing: Our famous Red Canopy, Cornhole, our Volley Ball, Big Speaker, a Cooler Filled with Snacks and Juice, and of course our amazing vibes :)

If anyone has other things they'd like to bring please feel free to bring them!

Mike and I will be there at 11:00 AM until approximately 4:30 PM

The event is listed as ending at 7:00 PM as many of our friends stay a bit later than us to enjoy the festivities and watch the sunset :)

It is highly recommended that people carpool/Uber, most parking is paid and highly limited.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, I have attached my number below if anyone has any questions.

Contact Us Directly:
Josue (Sway) (954)[masked]
Mike (239)[masked]

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Prophessor J Presents Costume Open Mic: Bizzaro Night @ Java Kava Cafe!!!

Join us for a fun filled night of Music, Comedy and Poetry from Tampa Bays finest performers!!! If you are interested in performing Sign Up for Open Mic starts at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm. For more info please check out the Prophessor J Events page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/803946243670033/?ref=share

Prophessor J Presents KaraOpen Mic @ Steep Station

Steep Station St. Pete

Every other Sunday we will have KaraOpen Mic at Steep Station!!! that means we will be doing karaoke from 5-8pm and then Open Mic from 8-11!!! Join us for a fun filled night of music, comedy, poetry and really great friends!!!

Prophessor J Presents Karaoke @ Ocha Lounge!!!

Ocha Lounge

Join us for a fun night of Karaoke!! Karaoke will be from 7pm to 11pm. Sign ups will start 30 minutes before each event!!

For more info please check out the Prophessor J Events page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/803946243670033/?ref=share

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