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From: Upper Moreland Township < >
Date: January 29, 2018 at 9:56:03 AM EST

Subject: UMPR Pickleball for 2018

Department of Parks and Recreation 117 Park Avenue, Willow Grove, PA. 19090-3215 • (215) 659-3100 x1039 • (

Thank you for participating in our Pickleball program in 2017. We are making some changes to the program to provide an enhanced program in 2018 for your enjoyment. The changes are a result of several factors, the survey/responses we sent last fall, responses from participants through email, phone conversations, direct discussions with participants, suggestions for our Parks and Recreation Advisory Council, and our past experiences. This is a lengthy email; however, it outlines the program expectations for 2018, to ensure everyone understands what they can expect via their participation in UMPR Pickleball.

As you know, we are a Township facility and program. We are not a private facility. We always maintain a majority of court time for open court play, thus allowing park patrons to experience Pickleball. We do reserve specific times for UMPR programs and events, such as Pickleball.

Here is what you can expect in 2018 from UMPR Pickleball:

-A fee based reserved court Pickleball Program will be offered on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings from 9AM to noon; and on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6PM – 9PM. During these times, the Pickleball courts are RESERVED for those enrolled in the UMPR Pickleball program.

-The courts are RESERVED during the above times from April 1 to October 19, 2018, for program participants only.

-The program will have a maximum of 250 registrants.

-For safety, and other reasons, we will hire a Pickleball Leader to be on site during all the noted times above. We expect to hire three to six leaders, and one of those leaders will be on site for each UMPR Pickleball program time noted above.

-The cost to register for the Pickleball program is $35.00 for residents of Upper Moreland Township and $52.50 for Non-residents.

-All program registrants will receive a Pickleball Keychain Tag, which must be presented to our Leader when you arrive during the noted times above. The leader will also have a roster of participants. If you do not have your Tag, you will be asked for your name to ensure you are enrolled in the program. If you register on-line, the keychain Tag will be mailed to you (allow one week for delivery or stop by the Township office to pick up your card, 117 Park Avenue, Willow Grove, PA, 8:30AM – 4:30PM).

-We will be posting all Pickleball reserved times, rules, and policies on the bulletin board at the facility and each member will receive the same when they register.

-The program welcomes all levels of play during each reserved time.

-We will host two pickleball picnics (dates to be announced).

-All correspondence with pickleball participants will be through the Parks and Recreation office, and not any meet up site, The information listed on those sites is unofficial. If we need to close the courts for maintenance, inclement weather… we will notify you directly via email.

-Facilities, balls, and a limited number of paddles for new players to borrow to get acquainted with the program, will be provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation. All other equipment is the responsibility of the participant. All UMPR equipment will be returned to the leader after each session and will be secured by our Leader.

-We expect to make facility improvements in early spring. Improvements may include, net height corrections, court power washing, crack filling, court painting… we will also perform maintenance throughout the year as needed, and from time to time, may need to close the courts to accomplish these tasks. We will do our best to avoid program hours when performing maintenance. If the courts need to be closed, we will notify you via email.

During all other times, the Pickleball Courts are available for open free walk up play. Courts may not be reserved by any other groups, and as noted in our rules for the park, anyone playing on a court must vacate the court after one hour if others are waiting to play.

Upper Moreland Parks and Recreation is not affiliated with any other pickleball program. Some believed, incorrectly, that registering in our program allowed the player to participate in indoor pickleball or pickleball at other facilities. If you register for our program, you are only registered in the UMPR Pickleball program and times noted above.

Thank you for your past participation. We believe these improvements to our program will help clarify our policies, rules, your expectations, and improve our offering.

We begin accepting registrations for this program on February 5, 2018. You may register in person at our Parks and Recreation office, 117 Park Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 or on-line at ( If you register and pay on-line, there is a 2.45% convenience fee for credit card use. The credit card convenience fee is non-refundable. If you register on-line, please visit (, select your account, and complete the registration process. Instructions can be found ( If you have questions or have difficulties registering on-line, please call our office at 215-659-3100 x 1039.

Please enjoy the 2018 Pickleball program.

Patrick Stasio, C.P.R.P.
Director of Parks and Recreation
Upper Moreland Township
215-659-3100 ext. 1039 (

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