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A Hike And A Fireside Movie Night - Potluck Event

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THE HIKE WILL START PROMPTLY AT 6:15! I will be at Suburbia Park at 5:45. Late-comers will need to decide between trying to catch up from behind, meeting up by going the opposite way, or waiting for the hikers to return to Suburbia Park around 7:50PM.

We'll be following the yellow line in the image below in a clock-wise direction, starting and ending at Suburbia Park(upper-right). The turn-around point at far left is VERY near The Meadows Picnic Area in Wildwood Park.

This is going to be a large group! Don't worry, there's plenty of room in my backyard, but because of the group size I would like to state a few simple (and obvious) rules:

• You must accept responsibility for your own actions and well-being.

• The fire pit(s) must not be stoked so high as to cause sparks and embers to shoot all about.

• No sitting on the Jacuzzi cover or attached table.

• One person per chair (unless it's your own).

• No drinking to excess (and getting sick in the house).

• Indoor voices and low volumes after 10PM.

• No food or glass in the Jacuzzi.

• No food or drink in the house. House privileges are for limited cooking and bathroom (at the end of the hall) only.

• Smoking only down on the lower level overlooking the Arroyo Conejo Creek.

# If this after-hike party goes without a hitch, I will plan to do several of them over the Summer and Fall months!

If you were the 20+ person to sign up and attending the Pot-Luck, please bring a chair!!! The movie will be on a 90-inch screen outdoors. Not everyone will find a warm spot by the fire-pit(s) so wear warm clothes and consider bringing a blanket to snuggle (with me) under. ;~}

Weather Update: Looks like it's going to be a rather warm night. Snuggling may not be necessary, but do as you must!

!!!!!!!! END OF IMPORTANT NOTICES !!!!!!!!



This BEGINNER Loop Hike is just under 5 Miles with non-stop, gentle slopes the entire way.

Starting from Suburbia Park (near 297 Tennyson St. at Ciro St. In Thousand Oaks) we'll hike down the Lynmere Trail, which begins at Lynn Road just south of Avenida De Las Flores. We'll reach The Meadows picnic area where we'll return to the start via the Wildwood Trail.

We won't be stopping to picnic in the park, as you might expect. Rather, we'll have a big potluck, bonfire (one or two fire-pits), and outdoor movie at my house right after the hike. I will have iced coolers for any cold beverages you may care to bring and I'll bring one to the Hike Start to keep them cold while we hike.

If you are unable to hike due to injury, you are welcome to join the home-side festivities, otherwise please plan to do the hike before the potluck!

Directions to my nearby home will be given to hikers apon our return to Suburbia Park. You can plan to leave your car at or near the park, as parking may become limited around my house. Carpooling is recommended, as usual.


THIS IS A POTLUCK EVENT! No particular theme, so bring anything you'd like to share with the group and perhaps some beverage of choice. There is a gas BBQ and kitchen facilities available if you want to cook or heat up something that doesn't take so long as to delay the movie.

If you are so inclined, the Jacuzzi is always hot and ready to use as well. Don't forget your towel!