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Cave of Munits to Castle Peak

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Length: 3 miles
Elevation: 700 ft
Difficulty: Moderate with Rock Scrambling
Dogs: No
Bathroom at Trailhead: No
Schedule Sunset: 7:10pm
What to Bring: Water, Snacks, and Sweater/Jacket if you get cold easy. You may also want to consider long pants if you are worried about scrapes and bruises.

There was a request to do this hike again so lets do it. This hike will take you up into the Cave of Munits (no ropes needed) and out to the top of Castle Peak. There will be helpers to assist on the rock climbing areas, myself included, and this is considered class 3 rock scrambling, so know your limits.

Once we reach the top of the cave, we will continue up a slippery hillside trail to a notch in the ridge. At this point, some may take a well traveled trail to the peak, while others, who want more of a challenge, will follow a less used ridge line trail to the peak where we will all meet.

When it is time to leave, we will not go back down the cave. Instead we will take a trail that heads West and loops back around to a connecting trail that will take us back to our cars.


The 'Cave of Munits' is a large cave on the side of Escorpión Peak within the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve. Please try to respect the historic and natural qualities when exploring Munits' Cave.

The cave is important because stories about its significance are still known by Chumash people today. According to oral history, this cave was the home of a very powerful shaman who eventually met his end after murdering the son of a politically important chief. Cumash culture was here for 10,000 years.


The trail head is at 24477 Vanowen Street, West Hills, CA 91307. It is accessible from 101 and 118 freeway via Topanga Canyon Blvd and heading West on Vanowen St.

Rain will postpone this hike.

If you have any requests, please add them in the comment section and Kurt, Leta or I will do our best to host the hike. Remember that we are not familiar with every hike, especially the ones that are not as popular, so it may take some time to complete some of these requests. If you are willing to be a guide, please let us know.

Requested Hikes:
- Las Llajas - Chumash Loop = Completed
- Cave of Munits = Scheduled
- Mash Site = Planned for Spring by Kurt.
- Santa Paula Punchbowl and slides = Planned for May by Russ
- Sandstone Peak = Planned for April by Russ
- Eagle Rock (Topanga State Park)
- Paramount Ranch
- Eaton Canyon

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