What we're about

The Path is an open-minded place where we encourage others to form their own understanding about Spirituality and walk their own Path. Classes are offered to support your spiritual growth and development, metaphysical healing, and paranormal development. On scheduled Sundays we offer Worship that includes healing, metaphysical thought, and spirit messages. All events are open to the public.



1. We believe in Source and respect however
you choose to recognize that Source. IE.
God, Goddess, Creator, Higher Power,
Infinite Intelligence, etc.

2. We affirm the divine right of individuals to
seek the truth within their own hearts.

3. Life is eternal.

4. Spiritual progression is eternal and infinite.

5. We believe that communication between all
planes of existence is a reality.

6. The ultimate expression of loving God is to
“Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself.”

7. We believe in personal responsibility and
that individuals create their own reality
according to natural law.

8. We affirm that the innate gifts of
mediumship and healing are expressions of
God’s love.

Upcoming events (4+)

Maria Ladonisi “Not all Roads Are Smooth”

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Maria is a healer, medium, artis, and loving grandmother to three active boys. She will lead us through her life’s journey, the highs of life the trials she has faced walking this Path with her Chief and other Spiritual Helpers.

Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

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Starts October 4, and each week 11, 18 &. 25 from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Cost of the Boot Camp is $199.00 for ten hours of education from an expert in Marketing, Alexa Kavolos-Harowitz, VP of Social Media at commARCH

How to Stay Positive When Bad Things Happen

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Donna GradyMoore is a retired Registered Nurse, Minister with LEWA, Medium, Reiki Master, Mother and Grandmother. During the past two years Donna’s life journey took her down a path that she never dreamed would be part of her Life’s Journey. As we talk about staying positive when bad things happen, I want to stress that the point is not to ever feel sadness or to not let bad things affect us. Part of the healing process is feeling our feelings and working through them and doing things to calm ourselves when stressed.

Think of this as more of a guide on how to get positive again after bad things happen and renew your hope for the future, including how to stay focused and how to not give up.

Random Consciousness or Evidence of Unit Consciousness

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Jim Fisher, one of the founders of The Consciousness Cafe, will share with us about evidence that we plan our objectives for each incarnation, assistance we receive from others in the physical and non-physical realms to achieve these objectives, the “coincidences” in his own life that seem to indicate his path crossed with others for a reason, and conclude with a suggestion for Path participants.

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Libra’s Fall Equinox and New Moon

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