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We currently meet every Tuesday for 2 hours, 7pm - 9pm.

The Peninsula Men’s Circle is a weekly practice of awareness and consciousness of our inner landscape, and how we share ourselves in the world around us. What we get from and how we contribute to the society around us in which we define ourselves as masculine. It gives us the opportunity to contribute to the growth and maturity of other men, while we ourselves benefit from our contribution. It is a place where youth, mid-lifers, and elders can come together in an environment of mutual respect and compassion and contribute to each others’ lives.

Gathering in Circle weekly creates a richness in our lives, as we together participate in ongoing challenge of living, and the experience of life as a man - straight, gay, or otherwise. Having the ability to look and esteem downwards (to those younger than us) as well as upwards (to those older than us) adds a richness and fulfills a need for every man that just does not exist very easily in today’s society. It's intention is a community gathering together to learn, have fun and support each other.

I created this Circle because I am 37 and have few to no elders and mentors in my life. I want the ongoing experience of connecting with peers and elder men, contributing to their lives as I can, and gaining the wisdom that they have to impart to me. Especially in Silicon Valley, where many of us are transplants and have not had the time, energy, or knowledge of how to build a COMMUNITY, let alone a community of MEN, this Circle is that place.

This Circle does not have a philosophy, an agenda, an ulterior motive, or a specific world view. It is a place that is defined by its members. It is simply a place where men can get together to talk about the meaty parts of life, and leave the small talk at home.

The magic of the circle invites us in, sometimes because we need it, other times because someone else needs us. Either way, it is wise to gather TOGETHER. Slowing down to be heard and seen, slowing down to hear and see others. Being there to be a man in witness and support of other men. Here's to another year of becoming wiser and more connected with ourselves and with others.

If you want to connect with other men because real connection in your life is lacking, this is the Circle for you. If you’re older and find that you’re feeling “obsolete” yet you KNOW that you have so much to offer other men, if you’re younger and you have little connection to grounded men who are positive examples of masculinity, or if you're a mid-lifer and asking yourself "Is this all the contribution I have to give?" this is the place for you.

With all positive strength, Nick

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