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Interview with PKD Festival Director on Past and Present Festival Films

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This Saturday Oct 10 7:30pm EDT-930pm EDT I will be interviewed by the fellows at the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County.
The subject of the talk will cover past and present films we have shown at The Philip K Dick Festival, our lineup in France Oct 30 31 and the 2021 festival and the future of the festival. This will be a Zoom call. If interested in joining click GOING below on the FaceBook Event you will be emailed or FB Messaged the Zoom Link.
The Link for the FaceBook Group is here:
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SFABC Meeting: Dan Abella, Philip K Dick Film Festival
Zoom Video Conference. Your Internet Device.
Time / Date
Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 7:30 PM EDT – 9:30 PM EDT
Director Dan Abella, founder of the Philip K Dick Film Festival in New York City, will speak and answer questions at the meeting of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County. This call will take place via Zoom.
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