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PHILOSOPHY CAN BE FUN! Meet individuals passionate about sharing ideas for positive change. This is not philosophy for the sake of intellectual exercise - philosophy can change your life if you let it open up your perspective. 

First timers always welcome. 
*Please note - while philosophy is timeless and universal, we ask that participants be over 18* 

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Free Intro: Philosophy of East and West

Acropolis Boston

Philosophy means love of wisdom (philo-sophia) and is an active attitude of awareness towards life. As the world becomes increasingly complex, philosophy offers us a way to view life and its lessons as opportunities, not problems.

We are all born philosophers, with an innate need to ask “why,” to learn and grow from our mistakes and become our true selves.

The practice of seeking truth develops our self-confidence, moral strength and resilience to face difficulties and weather crises. It allows us to become the hero or heroine in our lives and actors in history.

Come explore the vast and deep history of philosophy from the west and east that have inspired generations of human beings to create a better world!

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Practical Philosophy for Living: Epictetus

Acropolis Boston