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8-week Intro Course: What is your Journey? Finding your life’s purpose

Why Philosophy? Most of us spend so much time running the race to win happiness and success that we never stop to ask the big questions in life: Where do I come from? Where am I going? Who am I? Philosophy expands our perspective, opens the field of possibility, and allows us to see new opportunities that we were previously unaware of. If we don’t stop to consider these fundamental questions, we often end up wasting a lot of time and energy and lose sight of our original purpose. Philosophy can help us to discover our inner compass. Philosophy can add meaning and fulfillment to each moment of life. Simply put, Philosophy may possibly be the most practical thing you ever study. Life’s journey isn’t always so obvious. Join us for an 8 week course to learn what teachers from the East and West taught about discovering our purpose. Course Syllabus: 1. The Seven Building Blocks of the Human Being (Course Foundation) 2. Finding your Inner Warrior (Wisdom from the East) 3. Walking the Middle Way (Life & Teachings of the Buddha) 4. From Darkness to Light (Plato) 5. Keys to Effective Action (The Stoics) 6. Overcoming Tests (Egypt) 7. Mastering Time (Philosophy of History) 8. Meditation in Action (Course Synthesis) Course cost: $125 - First Class Free

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