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Reawaken the inner child dancing her way to enlightenment
Learn new tools of transformation and play with the magic of alchemy
Become part of an experiment in higher consciousness
Challenge old habit patterns that keep us stuck in lack and fear

Welcome to the Phoenix Institute of Enlightenment (PIE)! We are a progressive community and metaphysical learning center of spiritual explorers seeking a deeper, more conscious understanding of life. We invite you to discover and fully experience your unlimited potential as powerful spiritual beings through PIE's transformational teachings and tools.

We come together to learn and share with stimulating classes, meditations, healing shares, a book club, discussion forums, support groups, fun social gatherings and much, much more. Reunite and experience the soul connections we have with each other as we open to the untapped power within us. Grow in your awareness with a variety of opportunities for spiritual expansion in an environment of loving acceptance as we shift into a new world paradigm of peace and harmony.

PIE offers so much more than classes and workshops. We offer the chance to be part of something bigger, more meaningful - a true community of people seeking a higher connection to their own inner spirit and to each other. We have an infinite source of power and wisdom as spiritual beings that many have yet to appreciate and utilize in their lives. Now we can join in unity, love and cooperation to create a magical, yet practical vision of higher consciousness.

We started PIE to support each other in this incredible spiritual awakening process that many of us are now experiencing as part of our earthly lives. Our highest goal is to help each other on the path to spiritual growth and awareness by creating a safe, fun and nurturing space, both physically and energetically.

Know that you are not alone in this process. Know that your "spiritual family" is now gathering and together we will remember our greatness and why we are here. Together we will find the peace that lies within and spread it to the world around us.

We can actively create a different world where we are in charge of our reality, where we have the tools to manifest what many are calling the "New Earth". We need you. We need each other. We need to remember that we are all part of the same fabric of Divine Intelligence and that when we unite, we can move mountains. We can change the world and bring peace back into the hearts of mankind. But first we need to change ourselves, how we think and believe.

If you are ready, the experiences and lessons you will receive at PIE can take you into an expanded awareness of your life and how you fit into the world around you. We want to challenge ourselves and each other to think, feel and act differently. We choose to question the ways of the world and intentionally create a different model of living where we work together with love, honesty and open communication.

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Wisdom Seekers Book Club

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This month we will once more explore the death experience and what lies beyond with detailed accounts of hypnotic regression sessions. Dolores Cannon's "Between Life and Death: Conversations with a Spirit" reveals fascinating experiences from hundreds of subjects over a 16 year period who shared vivid memories of what lies beyond in the spirit realms. Learn more about the death/rebirth experience, different levels in spirit, guides and angels, the planning process for future lives and various "spirit councils" influence on mankind. After reading this book, I find it intriguing that so many of the subjects share the same memories and experiences which validates their experiences for me more and more. This is another excellent resource for us to truly understand the process of "life and death" more clearly. Please RSVP and join us for a thought-provoking and fun discussion. We strongly encourage you to read the entire book if you possibly can to allow us to have a good discussion. But if you have not read or finished the book, you are still welcome to attend the meeting to enjoy the sharing, learning and group energy. No charge but your love donation is greatly appreciated. *Bring your copy of the book and any notes you may have taken that you'd like to share so that others can learn and grow from your perceptions of the book material. **Please note: the number of people that register for PIE events often does not include those that register on our "Facebook" site. Thus, more people are often in attendance than is indicated here.

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Wisdom Seekers Book Club

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