• Tee Höyryä!


    About 7000 years ago (or maybe much earlier), humans that lived in northern latitudes decided that it sucks to be cold all the time during the long winters, and it is not healthy to take a bath only once a year. Close friends, and romantic partners, agreed. Therefore the sauna. Up until recently, it looked like the only society that kept the sauna tradition over the thousands of years was the Finns, but when some of them moved to North America they brought their saunas with them and now the sauna is becoming popular all over the world. Besides giving your body a respite from the freezing cold, and not smelling like a bear in hibernation, there are many health benefits from taking a sauna. And you don't need to stay in for 30 minutes, nor sit as high as possible - take it easy at first and you will find that your body will become used to the heat. Portable saunas are becoming more popular, and there are sauna stoves that not only use wood, but propane or natural gas. Really a sauna is very easy to construct and assemble - when the Finns migrated to a new area they traditionally build a sauna first before building their houses or barns. They used saunas for many activities, including birthing children. I grew up with a sauna and enjoyed it often. For some stupid reason when I became an adult I abandoned the practice. This must change. I promise that the next time I acquire a piece of land, before I build a house, I'm building a sauna. First things first. Watch: Rogan & Patrick - https://youtu.be/NChyDtupmkk 7 Benefits - https://youtu.be/Bg4wH-74ir0 No Wait, 8 Benefits! - https://youtu.be/NunbmVSmx2A Listen: Se on lauantai-ilta! - https://youtu.be/UfY9x0Ynsvw Se tulee olemaan hyvin - https://youtu.be/cb5RuJ_TAiE Sauna Talk - No Big Whoop - https://www.saunatimes.com/sauna-talk/ Read: Olet ensin - alushousut pois! - https://finland.fi/life-society/bare-facts-of-the-sauna/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauna https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_sauna https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/8-unexpected-benefits-sauna-that-will-impress-you.html Portable Sauna! - https://www.sauna-anywhere.com More Sauna Links! - http://users.kymp.net/jari.kolehmainen/finnishsauna.html

  • The Symbolic Life


    Most of us, those of us who have grown up and live in cities (which is now the majority of humanity), spend most of our time living and working in environments that are purpose driven, utilitarian, and separated from the natural world as much as possible. Our environment is heated or cooled as needed, we are shielded from the wind and rain, our food and drink is largely packaged in rectangular containers, and we live and sleep in slightly larger rectangular containers. Our work is for the most part filled with numbers and words that contain meaning only in the most limited and abstract sense, and our skill at using tools to abstract periodically provides us with more numbers, which we can use to trade for shelter, food, clothing, and on occasion a diversion or amusement. We might spend some time on the edges of the natural world, but even then our experience is much more safe and predictable than that of our ancestors. Most of our encounters with other living things leave very little to chance - most of them are smaller, weaker, domesticated versions of the species that used to roam the planet. And of course this is probably for the best, as humans are, in fact, perhaps the most domesticated of them all. Yet humans have been "civilized" for only a very short time, and most of us have difficulty adjusting to this artificial environment. We suffer from obesity, epidemics, musculoskeletal deterioration, heart disease and cancers. Humans kill each other indiscriminately by the millions, and enslave many more millions. But as a result of our mundane and banal existence, our mental illnesses may be even more disastrous in the long term. It is possible that humanity will discover ways to find meaning in mass technological societies, but it likely will take many hundreds or more likely, thousands of years. We might not survive that long. And even if we do, we might not survive as individuals. If we are to survive, we must recover the reason for living, for struggling, suffering, and ultimately dying (yeah I know you immortalists think you will cheat death, but the question remains - what is the point of your extended lifespan?) So what can we do? We know from history, religion, and myth, that humanity finds meaning in experiences that provoke feelings of mystery and awe, many of them originally from nature, and also from the dreams and visions that are shared by people across the world and through the millennia. Most if not all of the most used symbols in religion are based on these ancient experiences and feelings, but similar to our shelter, work, food and environment, these symbols have been abstracted, or abandoned entirely. Some continue to use them, even though their meaning is mostly lost. It is likely not possible for most of us to go back in time and resurrect (so to speak) the ancient gods, rituals, and symbols that provided meaning to our ancestors. For the power of these symbols is contained in the individual experiences, the faith that they are true. If you don't believe, the ritual is meaningless, and more importantly, powerless. We must find our own numinous and sacred experiences that will give us strength to live meaningful lives full of purpose, so we can overcome our personal struggles, accomplish mighty deeds, and fulfill our destiny. Watch: Patience Monte, Climb The Ladder - https://youtu.be/JokWbIEt3n8 Distinguish From Superstition - https://youtu.be/EL9FnERmLeg The Numinous - https://youtu.be/xlhBcsgIylA The Psyche And The Sacred - https://youtu.be/bJMR2h92azI The Archetypes - https://youtu.be/wywUQc-4Opk Listen: Man And His Symbols (12 parts) - https://youtu.be/ZIz5P3zketE Read: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banal_nationalism https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numinous https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ritual https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collective_unconscious https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jungian_archetypes https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_and_His_Symbols

  • The Power Of The Powerless

    Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

    (Note this is a special combined meetup of The Green Anchor and Pig's Eye Austrian Economics meetup groups. For this week this meetup will replace the normal Sunday and Monday night meetups.) In 1978, Vaclav Havel wrote a critical essay about the communist regime that was controlling Czechoslovakia and eastern Europe since the end of World War II. Although the essay was officially censored and Havel was imprisoned for several years, it was one of the most influential dissident writings in Europe and Asia and was circulated throughout the communist world. Havel is dead and his ideas are mostly forgotten - but during the late 1970's and 1980's his thoughts about the nature of the state, democracy, and what people can do to live more free in totalitarian countries inspired millions of people, and helped spark the events that led to the collapse of communism in Europe in 1989. This essay, The Power of the Powerless, has many lessons for those of us who live in what Havel called "post-totalitarian" states, which he said were countries that had supposed democratic institutions and respected individual rights, but were in reality police states. Havel said the primary way these states stay in power is not by outward violence - although they resort to violence regularly as a means of controlling their citizens - but by an overriding ideology, a religion of the state, that most people, by their submission and/or acceptance of the ideology, keep the state in power. Havel said that this means that most people "live a lie", and prefer to acquiesce and even promote the lie so they can live a somewhat normal life. But Havel wrote that submission to the state ideology is precisely what should not be done. If people "live in truth" and refuse to accept the slogans and rituals of the state ideology, they have the chance to create other cultures that will act as counters to the prevailing state ideology. Havel did not think that political action would do any good (and the history of the downfall of communism in Europe shows that, for the most part, it was non-political individuals and groups that were at the forefront of the collapse). It is the individual, he said, that must change before a regime can change, and individuals will naturally create their own small social groups to help each other defend themselves from the state. Unfortunately post-communist Europe is moving steadily back towards totalitarianism, but for a brief time Havel was President of the the first non-communist government in Czechoslovakia, and helped oversee a peaceful split of the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Too bad they didn't keep splitting up. Watch: Prague Spring - https://youtu.be/_bVZMnQOHKw Velvet Revolution - https://youtu.be/9qG5fxLmfAk The Documentary Trailer - https://youtu.be/5uVnUJd1-I8 Havel Under Surveillance - https://youtu.be/ngHldh6UDbs Macht Und Ohnmacht - https://youtu.be/g1x60GW2DSY Listen: The Plastic People Of The Universe - https://youtu.be/3Y7qJ2G8BMQ Read: The Power Of The Powerless - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Power_of_the_Powerless Charter 77 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charter_77 Normalization - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normalization_(Czechoslovakia) Velvet Revolution - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velvet_Revolution The Essay - https://www.nonviolent-conflict.org/wp-content/uploads/1979/01/the-power-of-the-powerless.pdf

  • I Am Not A Crook


    Ushering in a decade of low growth and high inflation in the US economy, in 1971 President Nixon imposed wage and price controls in an effort to insure his reelection, oh wait that's not right - it must be, in an effort to combat inflation, that's it. Yeah that worked out well Dick. Nowadays most people think price controls do not exist in our "capitalist" economy, but you might be surprised how many products and services are subject to government intervention in prices. Viewings: I think there was maybe one sentence in this speech that wasn't a lie - https://youtu.be/Wv4gpyfLF3s I'm Not A Crook's Head - https://youtu.be/-P7peu7Wy7w Nixon's Back! - https://youtu.be/ZHoqWQB3Cp4 Listenings: I Just Can't Believe You Are Such A Fool - https://youtu.be/UAf71o8f27E Do You Remember Your President Nixon? - https://youtu.be/KSHY1_ux8rs Interventionism:(Rent Control, Wage Laws, Unions, Tariffs) - Block - https://mises.org/library/interventionism-rent-control-wage-laws-unions-tariffs Price Controls - Rothbard - https://mises.org/library/4-price-controls Readings: The TV picture is High Definition Now, That's All - https://mises.org/library/nixonian-socialism How The Price System Works (XV-XIX) - Hazlitt - https://fee.org/resources/economics-in-one-lesson/#calibre_link-0 Venezuela - https://mises.org/wire/price-controls-are-disastrous-venezuela-and-everywhere-else Four thousand years of price controls - DiLorenzo - https://mises.org/library/four-thousand-years-price-control Inflation and Price Control - Mises - https://mises.org/library/inflation-and-price-control

  • Bite My Shiny Metal Ass


    I suppose we could have an argument on whether or not it is a good idea to construct intelligent machines that mimic the function of living beings, including humans, but what would be the point? Robots are here, whether we like it or not. There are millions of robots already, and there will be billions very soon. And for good reasons - industrial robots have contributed to the largest and fastest increases in manufacturing productivity since the steam engine, and this is just the beginning. And it is not only that robots will increasingly replace less efficient human manual labor - the most transformative changes (and for some people the most frightening) will come when robots can perform tasks that humans cannot perform at all, due to size, weight, speed, or precision, but also when they can do things that we have not yet imagined. For example, deep underground or under the oceans, or in outer space, robots will be an absolute necessity if we are to fully explore, and exploit, these environments. Indirectly, all of our lives have already been improved by robots, but you can, and should, learn how to construct and program your own robots. Along with machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics is one of the most critical skills to learn, as the impact of these machines will greatly affect our lives, for good or evil. And it isn't that hard - check out the links and start building your own robot helper! Viewings: Shinier Than Yours Meatbag - https://youtu.be/CltzPpn-grY And They Will - http://www.ebaumsworld.com/videos/old-glory-insurance/81303587/ Robots Are Already Too Smart To Drink Michelob - https://youtu.be/nNfv9wsttKE Bake The Cake? - https://youtu.be/PjrlW8EryZ4 I Rarely Use It Myself Sir, It Promotes Rust - https://youtu.be/SKdTYaAY1V8 One Handy Droid - https://youtu.be/JLmOteqmDYc Rise Of The Robots: Part 1 - https://youtu.be/hRuBZLe8vfs Part 2 - https://youtu.be/9SA2WLDB65A Part 3 - https://youtu.be/D22UOL-ncgw It's Not Going To Stop - https://youtu.be/rnBAdnNIIXk Advances In Humanoid Robots: Boston Dynamics & Atlas - https://youtu.be/LikxFZZO2sk UBTECH Walker - https://youtu.be/lWdcyWwQ4R0 Listen: Robots Obey What The Children Say - https://youtu.be/o7Rs347TbH8 Readings: The Robots Have Already Won - https://www.wired.com/story/wired-guide-to-robots/ The Good Robot Report - https://www.anki.com/en-gb/company/blog/good-robot-report.html The Future - https://robohub.org/envisioning-the-future-of-robotics/ Your One Stop Shop! - http://www.robotshop.com/ How To Make A Robot - https://www.robotshop.com/community/tutorials/show/how-to-make-a-robot-lesson-1-getting-started More Parts - https://www.sparkfun.com/ A Good Robotics Blog - https://www.intorobotics.com/ A More Industrial Oriented Site - http://robohub.org/ An OS For Robots - http://www.ros.org Get Educated: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/robotics https://www.instructables.com/class/Robots-Class/

  • YOU Will Build The Roads


    I know, I know - where we are going, we won't need any roads. But until we get that spaceship built, we might need a few roads to haul our rocket fuel to the launchpad. And maybe some other stuff. Fortunately, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to build a road. And you don't need to spend your life savings to build one. Roads are simple, cheap, and you can make them quick if you have the right equipment. And there is usually lots of road equipment sitting around rusting that you can borrow, rent, or buy. You can get by with a dirt road if you don't use it excessively, and keep the weight down. And you might not be able to use it at all for a few weeks in the spring. But if you want an all-weather road that can handle some heavy trucks occasionally, you will want to build a gravel road, which, by the way, is still the most common road construction material in most of the world. If you pay attention to details, including the base soil quality and build your road in layers, you can have a road that will last as long or longer than an asphalt or concrete road (with some maintenance). And if you use some of the new geotextiles and grid products, you can make the road even more stable and long-lasting. And just think, when you are done building your road, when any Muggle asks the most common stupid question, you can answer them! Watch: There’s No Load I Can’t Hold - https://youtu.be/U3sMjm9Eloo A MN Gravel Road Vid - https://youtu.be/4X_uEsPbLrI A Half-Assed Repair That Probably Won't Last Long - https://youtu.be/mukKQb2TpOA Another Short-Term Solution, But Cheap - https://youtu.be/OGurfLXmd_c How To Build A Road - https://youtu.be/t4qhgkl9WqM Listen: Take The Right Hand Road - https://youtu.be/XpvDZu-GFSY Take Me Home - https://youtu.be/1vrEljMfXYo Read: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirt_road https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravel_road https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellular_confinement https://www.dustgard.com/content/gravel-roads-academy https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/construction/pubs/ots15002.pdf https://www.maine.gov/dep/land/watershed/camp/road/gravel_road_manual.pdf https://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/build-a-driveway-zmaz92aszshe https://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/lane-maintenance-zspz1905zburg https://homeguides.sfgate.com/build-dirt-driveway-21406.html https://www.gardenguides.com/how_4894239_build-gravel-roads.html https://calciumchloride.com/dustcontrol.shtml

  • I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore

    I don't know if you've noticed, but there seems to be a lot of neurotic, anxious, fearful, and depressed people out there. And not just people who suffer from serious illnesses, or who are poor or homeless, or have recently gone through a major tragedy in their lives like the death of a child or loved one. There are many millions of seemingly normal people in this country who are living out their lives in, as Thoreau called it, quiet desperation. They have jobs, families, friends, a comfortable place to live, and good health. But inside, they feel like their lives are meaningless and they are powerless to affect any positive change in their lives. So they just live without much joy or purpose, trying not to think too much about the future, moving day after day, weekend after weekend, and year after year closer to final oblivion. I understand it - one of the consequences of "civilization" is that a very tiny number of people - you can call them the "owners" - have all the power and wealth and make all the important decisions, and the vast majority of people - you can call them "citizens" or "slaves" - have no power or wealth and make none of the important decisions that affect their lives. No wonder people are anxious and depressed! And it is worse if you are one of the increasing minority of people who like to think. Thinking people are much more aware of how badly they are getting fucked over, and how bleak the future is. You can of course solve this problem, at least temporarily, by drinking heavily, escaping into endless games and entertainment, or fucking up your mind even more than it already is with anti-depressant drugs. At least we all get to go to hell in our own way I suppose. There is another choice, but it isn't as much fun as getting drunk every weekend, pretending you are a wizard, or screwing with your brain chemistry until you are an emotionless zombie. In fact it can be dangerous. The benefit of this alternative approach is, however, that you just might gain the strength and power to actually take action to change, find purpose and meaning and once again experience the joy of life. Maybe it is time to get pissed off. Watch: I'm Mad As Hell - https://youtu.be/ZwMVMbmQBug That’s My Secret - https://youtu.be/_Qq6dQwLh1s I Can Feel Your Anger - https://youtu.be/bB7fgX6H9_M Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light - https://youtu.be/3_nprPycZow And About Time Too - https://youtu.be/JSqcr_zUgv0 The Science Of Rage - https://youtu.be/qYSXzJTRFT8 Listen: Fist In The Air - https://youtu.be/wauzrPn0cfg I’d Make Somebody Pay - https://youtu.be/O9HFjErMMlA Rage - https://youtu.be/lUe15DUegnM How to Use the Power of Your Dark Side - https://youtu.be/cViZ6wVysKk Read: How Anger Works - https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/emotions/anger.htm Only For Extroverts? - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/north_west/8416590.stm Summon A Demon? - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daimonic

  • To Slay The Dragon

    Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

    (Note that because of the holiday weekend this is a combined meetup of both The Green Anchor and Pig's Eye Meetups and replaces the usual meetups this week. As we have in past years, we are meeting on Sunday morning at Psycho Suzi's in NE Minneapolis - hope to see you there!) Ancient stories contain many archetypal images that are repeated in countless myths and legends through the centuries and millennia. We have looked at some of these already, including the great World Serpent and the Great Mother. These archetypes are symbols of earth, nature, the cycle of life. But there is another great archetype that is quite different - the hero. Rather than a symbol of the great universal forces of nature and reproduction, the hero is the archetype of rebellion, of independence, of the primacy of the ego and of individual consciousness. In the myths, he is almost always represented by the masculine, which both in myth and in our psyche, represents the ego and the conscious part of our mind. The reason we see this archetype as a hero, is that he must break free from the restrictions of the collective in order to become an individual, develop his own abilities and skills, and discover his purpose in life. He must embark on a journey of self-discovery which is dangerous both physically and mentally as he is continually obstructed by the symbols of primeval nature, including the great serpent represented by the dragon, the old matriarchal religions of the mother goddess, and by "law and order" and "civilization". Thus the hero must fight against terrible and powerful forces that oppose his desire to discover himself and the meaning of life. To the extent the hero defeats his opponents he receives both treasure and enlightenment, which allows him to return to his land and people with greater abilities and confidence so that he can help others also become strong and enlightened individuals. Watch: The Call To Adventure - https://youtu.be/yQIFkMlDF4M - https://youtu.be/pVIWI1JybFQ The World Is A Wasteland - https://youtu.be/RchePX5gElc Becoming An Individual Personality - https://youtu.be/4288NRq1vVc Slaying The Dragon - https://youtu.be/8IgGtGZwlDY Documentary On Joseph Campell - https://youtu.be/T3LozCNO30w Listen: I'd Prefer A New Edition Of The Spanish Inquisition - https://youtu.be/iQGH9zereFc For what is man, what has he got?, If not himself, then he has naught - https://youtu.be/onWf4_yl-pY If I Had My Way - https://youtu.be/XtACdGXbfa4 Seamus Beowulf - https://youtu.be/AaB0trCztM0 Read: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hero_with_a_Thousand_Faces The Journey - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero%27s_journey Gilgamesh And Enkidu - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epic_of_Gilgamesh Der Eisenhans - https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Grimm%27s_Household_Tales,_Volume_2/Iron_John

  • Please State The Nature Of The Medical Emergency

    Out in space, there are no (or won't be for quite some time), convenient Urgent Care clinics or ERs open 24/7. This might actually be a good thing, considering the expense of even mediocre health care and poor, incomplete, or total misdiagnoses by health care "professionals". Just think of the money you will save and the botched surgeries you will avoid! But you will still need health care, and you will need to take more personal responsibility for your overall health, and may need to act as your own "first responder" (you always have been anyway, you just won't have to dial that number - probably another good thing). What you will need is personal and portable diagnostic tools that are better at figuring out what is wrong with you, and with providing useful information on how to fix your health problem. Although these tools are in their infancy, the combination of improved and miniaturized sensors and databases that use machine learning to rapidly sort through medical data are making these tools a near future possibility, rather than having to wait until the 23nd century. As usual, the medical-industrial bureaucracy are doing their best to slow down or stop as much innovation in this area as possible. But in other parts of the world, where health care is primitive or non-existent, these tools can help save the lives of millions, so we are likely to see the biggest advancements in this field outside of the USA. Let's see what has been happening in the last few years, and what is on the horizon! Watch: See, Diagnosis Is Easy! - https://youtu.be/ppH3n4cXkF4 The "Medical" Tricorder - https://youtu.be/Rn1QP9oL5V0 A Real Tricorder? - https://youtu.be/TGKbh1Zg174 Not Every Headache Is Brain Cancer - https://youtu.be/u28mG226k-A DxtER - https://youtu.be/HdaCEMOzI-M Scanadu (Out Of Business) - https://youtu.be/GTA5aZIs2Jc Listen: Going, Going, Gone - https://youtu.be/CPNK0VspQ0M Future Of Health Care Technology - https://www.geekwire.com/2018/health-tech-podcast-tricorder-home-pioneer-lee-hood-future-health-technology/ Read: Like It Is A Real Thing! - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_tricorder Tricorder XPrize - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tricorder_X_Prize XPrize Site - https://tricorder.xprize.org/prizes/tricorder https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telemedicine https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_guidance https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/telemedicine-predicted-in-1925-124140942/

  • It is Running!


    Sometimes it is the unexpected that prompts engineering discoveries that can change the course of history, in this case the development of the internal combustion engine. We know now that you don't need a spark to set fuel on fire, but Rudolf Diesel proved it by causing his first prototype engine to explode just by injecting fuel into a combustion chamber containing highly compressed air. While alternative and renewable (whatever that means) fuels and energy sources are the big news nowadays, it might be wise to remember that the vast majority of heavy freight transportation, by land and sea, is moved using diesel engines. So far nobody has attempted to seriously argue that solar and wind power can replace these massive and highly efficient (particularly compared to wind and solar) power sources. Yet the noisy, shrill, and increasingly irrational propaganda advocating the end of "fossil" fuels continues. In many parts of the world, including most of Africa and much of India, Asia, and the Middle East, most electrical power generation is accomplished by using diesel generators. Governments continue to push for very expensive, centralized, energy grids, but the people seem to do just fine generating power for themselves, their businesses, and perhaps the local neighborhood. Yet the misinformation continues, claiming that diesel engines are dirtier and pollute more than gasoline engines, but we have known for decades that, because the diesel combustion cycle is longer and more efficient than a gasoline engine, the amount of pollutants, particularly that nasty poison CO2, is much less with a diesel. And if you are concerned about nitrogen oxide, it is easily converted back to nitrogen and oxygen, which, as you know, is the majority of what we breathe. Diesel engines can be a very good solution for those of use who want to disengage as much as possible from the centralized systems of theft, since they are very efficient and relatively inexpensive to operate. The engines themselves can be expensive, but they are built to last many years and are much simpler and easier to maintain and repair. In addition, they are a natural supplement to solar, wind, hydro or other intermittent power generation sources as they can be a very efficient way to re-charge battery systems and, during the times of the year where those energy sources fail, diesel generators can operate reliably for weeks at a time, or longer if needed. If you are looking for a reliable, strong, sexy, and good looking partner that will never let you down, you can try dating apps, social media, or hanging out in bars. Or you can avoid all that crap and just get yourself a diesel. I guarantee you will never regret it. Watch: Er Läuft! - https://youtu.be/1dr011-s-Ig Diesels Can Be Devious - https://youtu.be/iE6dTfDLFgk Lagos Gets 700MW From The Grid, And 18,000MW Off The Grid - https://youtu.be/mOoDClqU3x0 Rudolf Diesel - https://youtu.be/Wm8cv5stNKc The Engine That Powers The World - https://youtu.be/wCA5pInfPpM 20kw Cummins Install - https://youtu.be/LJmeVc6bsAI Listen: Generators Part 1 - http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/harris-on-generators-part-1-of-2 Generators Part 2 - http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/episode-1005-steven-harris-on-everything-generators-part-2-of-2 Read: Rudolf - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Diesel Fuel - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diesel_fuel Engine - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diesel_engine What Is A Diesel Engine? - https://auto.howstuffworks.com/diesel3.htm Off-Grid Diesel - https://www.backwoodshome.com/diesel-generator-power-is-a-sensible-choice/ Diesel DC Charger, Wie Ein U-Boot - https://www.altendc.com/diesel-battery-charging-dc-generators