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Psychic Development with Paul Meidinger
Email Paul to sign up at: [masked] These classes are for those who wish to bring out the psychic intuitive that is within each of us. The classes are intended for those who wish to develop their psychic reading skills into a practical, useful, healing tool. This could be to read professionally and/or to use intuition for guiding aspects of one's own life such as health, relationships, and career. Each class is for beginners as well as those more advanced, and each class can be taken independently of the others. Students who complete four classes will receive a certificate of completion. Psychic theory will be balanced with direct experiential activities. Class 1: Meditation, Visualization, and Intention - Connecting with universal energy and... the true self for expansion, clarity, and healing. Developing Psychic Sensing - Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Empathy (Psychic Feeling), and Intuition. Class 2: Reading the Aura and Chakras - Interpreting information, self-development, and Kundalini. Class 3: Sensing Time - Past Lives and Precognition - Integrating past experiences and sensing future probabilities. Distance Reading - Reading from photographs, phone reading, and remote viewing Class 4: Mediumship - Communicating with spirit guides and those that have crossed over Class 5: Make-up - We'll cover the main topics that were missed by class members and add to those topics as well. Make-up for any who miss a class along the way or additional for those who have attended all of the others. One Class every two weeks. Energy Exchange $40.00

Enlightened Healing Energy

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What we're about

Meet other people from Pittsburgh and surrounding areas interested in exploring metaphysics. We can cover anything from holistic modalities, quantum physics, self-healing, energy work, meditation, modern shamanism to the search for enlightenment and more. The word cloud you see for our primary group image contains all of our current sponsors. We appreciate them!

The word "metaphysics" derives from the Greek ( words μετά (metá (, "beyond", "upon" or "after") and φυσικά (physiká, "physics").

Everyone is welcome! This group is about exploring new possibilities, going deeper, and having fun.
Enjoy creating friendships with others on a spiritual journey. Come out and get together at one of our events. See you soon!

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