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"Becoming Whole" by Kitsy Higgins Facilitated and Hosted by Dem For the last 12 years Kitsy Higgins has been on a spiritual Journey. During this lecture she will discuss important insights, that she has learned, to have a more peaceful and happy life. Some of the insights that will be discussed will include how our bodies are not meant to hold on to all of our baggage, the importance of working with our guides, angels, and deceased loved ones, and how to follow our heart! She will teach you how to apply these insights to your life and that you can start a spiritual journey at any age in your life. She believes that every negative experience that you have in your life is a lesson and an opportunity to grow. Kitsy will also discuss how to start a profitable healing business. Five years ago, Kitsy quit her job to start her business and follow her heart. She is now a Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and Access Consciousness Facilitator. She is has an undergrad degree from IUP and a MBA from Waynesburg University. She has taken Spiritual courses from Lily Dale, NY, Access Consciousness Bars, & Omega Institute. She's also the founder of the AK Valley Psychic Fairs, the Expanding Minds Wellness Center, and the Lighthouse Spiritual Group out of Tarentum PA. To learn more, visit or THIS IS AN ONGOING GROUP. New members welcome. We will cover ongoing topics of metaphysics, and really anything that could be regarded as existing outside of objective reality, and seeks to investigate the nature of reality. Big words, but true. Simply put, the groups' questioning and desires to know the things that are hard to explain will define what each new topic is each month. So, as the group grows so do the topics. This group is democratic where everyone is encouraged to join in the conversation, anyone can bring a gift to share--be it intuition, Reiki, dream work and lucid dreaming, numerology, astrology, Ascension, Enlightenment, meditation, visualization, channeling, archetypes, Angels, manifestation, Indigo Children and all of the other New Age children, Tarot, Shamanism, synchronicity, power animals and objects, multi-dimensional awareness, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions, the collective unconscious and collective conscious, spirit art, spirit guides, sacred space, empaths, medical intuition, past lives and I am sure much much more. We decide as a group what we want to study and share. This is an open group, anyone can attend. The purpose is for spiritual, emotional and soul growth. This group is also a support group of sorts, as we grow more aware it can sometimes be a little scary. So, we are there for each other--we all have our own unique experiences to share and teach. At times we can bring in teaching guests to learn from. The group is not only a forum and place where we can discuss and learn about metaphysics, but is also a place where each group member can share their experiences of this much shifting world where more and more people are feeling some sort of spiritual shift happening all around! The first meeting will be a get together to decide what we want to study, and to get to know everyone. Every group meetup will begin with a meditation after introductions. Every group meeting will have a well wishing time at the end, as everyone share a message from their intuitive mind. Most people wanted to meet on a weekend, so I chose the third Saturday of every month. I was thinking about meeting at the Panera Bread Company on Center avenue in Oakland, they have a private meeting room I can set up for our group.

Panera Bread

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Meet other people from Pittsburgh and surrounding areas interested in exploring metaphysics. We can cover anything from holistic modalities, quantum physics, self-healing, energy work, meditation, modern shamanism to the search for enlightenment and more. The word cloud you see for our primary group image contains all of our current sponsors. We appreciate them!

The word "metaphysics" derives from the Greek ( words μετά (metá (, "beyond", "upon" or "after") and φυσικά (physiká, "physics").

Everyone is welcome! This group is about exploring new possibilities, going deeper, and having fun.
Enjoy creating friendships with others on a spiritual journey. Come out and get together at one of our events. See you soon!

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