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Finding Your Intuitive Voice

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We share this information with you because it is a metaphysics event in Pgh that you may enjoy attending. Here are the details about this event:

Part 1 of a three part learning experience to discover innate intuition within yourself, and once found how to use it to self-empower, spiritually grow and enhance your life.

Follow-up meetings are scheduled for February 13, and March 12 at the Squirrel Hill Library, Room C.

Intuition is like a spiritual muscle, if left unattended and not used becomes dormant and resides deep within your consciousness. Once you acknowledge your intuition and accept its power to move you in directions that include the spirit realm, an illumination occurs to shine light on a once hidden way of experiencing.

Listening to your inner voice is often suggested, but we must first know just what that is. The group "Finding Your Intuitive Voice" will inform you how to know your voice, and through group work will practice using your intuition so it becomes second nature to live a life intuitively.

Facilitator is Suzanne Bishop, a nationally known psychic medium who is from Pittsburgh. To learn more about intuition and the psychic world discover Intuit Now at