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This meetup is for people interested in getting together and playing Pokemon Go as a group. It's for players of all ages, from new to veteran! If you are looking for others to add to your friends list or trade Pokemon with, or a group you can join in raid battles, this is the group for you!

We will primarily meet once every month during official Community Day events. These are brief windows of time when a chosen Pokemon will appear more frequently than normal, have a chance to learn an exclusive move, and have an increased chance to be shiny. Other meetups may be scheduled as our organizers' schedules allow.

Are you looking for other ways to meet fellow Pokemon Go players in Austin? We have an incredibly robust community here that is not limited to this Meetup.com group. Please check out these following groups, which are not affiliated with us, but we are on very familiar terms with!

Visit Pogo512.com and click the link to join their Discord server (a chat program) for help coordinating groups for raid battles, rare Pokemon spawns, and more:


Do you want to just do as many raids as possible, as efficiently as possible? Purchase a ticket to ride on the legendary Raid Bus to do just that! They have rides in Austin, other cities in Texas, and even other states. If you are having trouble capturing a particular legendary Pokemon raid boss, this is the group for you:


We hope to see you out there soon! Please join the adventure!

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Limited Research event! Let's catch Feebas!

Starbucks Reserve

We'll meet at the Starbucks Reserve at Domain Northside. The Domain outdoor shopping mall has two Starbucks locations, so please make sure it's the correct one! Have you been enjoying research tasks in Pokemon Go? A new type of research is being added: limited research! These tasks will only be available during this short window of time, but once you have them, you can complete them whenever you want. During this official event, all limited research tasks will reward you with a chance to catch Feebas - plus there's a chance it could be shiny!! We're going to walk around The Domain, which has a lot of PokeStops and charging locations. We'll work on completing our limited research tasks so we can catch Feebas and then collect more tasks. As usual, keep an eye out for our backpack banner if you're having trouble finding us! We hope to see you there!! For official details on this limited research event: https://pokemongolive.com/en/post/fieldresearch-jan2019/

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