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3rd Poland Umbraco Meetup - online / pre-Christmas edition

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Marcin Z.


As we didn't see each other for a long time (sorry for that!), we want to catch up online to just summarize what happened recently. Online, because it will be easier for now and we are planning something bigger in January, so stay tuned! It's totally spontanous, so probably it will be hard to gain a lot of you, but hey.. it's end of year, take 1 hour break :)

There were a lot of awesome announcements, Umbraco UK Festival ( on which we proudly represented our Poland Umbraco Group and couple interesting releases and go-lives meanwhile, I presume.

Feel free to join us. Streaming / hangout details will be provided soon.

The meetup will be probably in polish language, but if anyone non-polish wanna join - not a problem - it will be a great opportunity to practice english for all of us :)

Grab a beer, coffee, tea, mulled wine or anything else and join us for one hour. We missed you!



1. Introduction
2. Post Umbraco UK Festival 2015 - #umbUKFest attendants
3. Community plans for 2016 - Umbraco Poland Community, yes, you too!


Bonus :)
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