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Calling All Women Between 55 and 59!

Welcome to Your Second Saturn Return, All You Lovely Mid-Life Mavens with Natal Saturn in Libra!

And, Welcome to: "Surviving & Thriving Through Your Second Saturn Return" -- a 12 Week Educational Support Group for Women.

What's a Saturn Return, you ask?

It's when the transiting planet Saturn returns to the place it was on the day you were born and it is a significant karmic gateway that offers you the opportunity for wise passage into the next chapters of your life.

If you're 55 to 59, you're about to have, or are in the midst of, your Second Saturn Return in Libra. You had your First Saturn Return back when you were approximately 28 to 30. And, if you're lucky, you'll have a Third Saturn Return at age 86 to 88.

When Saturn returns to the place it occupied when we were born, we have reached a doorway, a new threshold, a huge opportunity for re-ordering our priorities, refining our dreams, and finishing up old business once and for all that has held us back from living up to our best and highest purpose.

At our First Saturn Return, we were led through the doorway into "True Adulthood." If you look back to that time in your life, I guarantee you'll see that you made crucial decisions then that have had a massive impact on this last approximately 28 years of your life.

And now, with your Second Saturn Return, you have the opportunity to move through the threshold from the "Phase of Maturity" to the "Phase of Wisdom"; you Wise Crone Woman You!

We're mostly on the other side of menopause and our brains are being rewired. We're no longer ruled so much by our hormones (though we bless those years we were;-) and we're all about really living fully as the beautiful, genuine women of integrity we've become and are becoming. We've been through babies, teenagers, husbands, bad lovers, bad jobs, financial struggles, big joys and big heartbreaks, and probably have had loved ones cross the great divide of physical death and we've become intimate with grief and longing. AND, we've still got a lot of livin' to do!

As Time Cycles Research, the creator of the IO astrology programs, says of the Second Saturn Return, "This is an extremely karmic time that brings a well-defined influence that is nearly unanimous in its effect on those who experience it. It is a period in which your life has come to a decisive point. You question your goals and the progress you have or have not made. It would not be unusual for you to start thinking in terms of a certain finality, a sense of lost youth or failure to accomplish or experience certain things. Confronting past failures and disappointments is necessary and so is extracting whatever positive lessons and experience can be gleaned from them. Barring any dalliance with depression or discouragement on your part --an unnecessary indulgence which should be avoided at all costs-- you will begin to see a more structured and purposeful future ahead. This is likely to lead to a serious attempt to make changes in or terminate current relationships and situations that will not permit the future growth you envision for yourself. On the other hand, all current circumstances being satisfactory, this is a period to reaffirm your commitment to your present course and long-range goals."

The Saturn Return can be especially daunting for women who have been making and following their own paths despite this culture's continued emphasis on the physical appearance of women and the "traditional" roles of marriage and motherhood.

Saturn, viewed as the "task-masker" planet, is all about foundations, security, and ultimately following the "REAL" rules -- the rules we write in our own etiquette book -- the only rules that really matter.

By exploring your natal Saturn by sign, house, and aspects, a "map" is provided for the inevitable "Road of Trials" your Saturn Return brings. And, the really good news is that this information can give you a view of the treasures that await you if you use this "Dark Night of The Soul" for your highest purpose.

In working with an astrological counselor, and your Saturn Return Sisters, you can both "survive and thrive" during your Second Saturn Return. With this support, you will:

*** Learn about your unique & specific Saturn lessons & gain practical & spiritual insights

*** Be given the actual dates of your most important windows of opportunity during your Saturn Return

*** Have your past history & current struggles put into a context that will help validate your experience and give you confidence in your future.

Please call me, Deleta Addington Yates, MSW, for your complimentary phone session and to arrange your intake appointment where you will receive your individualized Saturn Return chart and begin your guided journey.


I have a Master's Degree in Social Work, am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Ordained Non-Denominational Minister practicing since 1986, working with relationship issues, depression, shame, grief and loss, P.T.S.D., sexual abuse and other body and soul traumas.

My website provides additional information regarding my therapeutic approach, philosophy, and modalities.

AvalonRising Woman-Centered Counseling & Hypnotherapy http://www.avalonrising4women.vpweb.com/

Please give me a call at 503-309-6256 for further information, your complimentary phone assessment, and to schedule your intake appointment.

P.S. If schedule, time, physical distance, or personal preference create a need for you other than this group format, special arrangements can be made for your individualized instruction and guidance. Just give me a call and we can make it work.

Also, please feel free to pass along this info to any women you know going through their First Saturn Return. That has been a well-received group in the past and another will be forming.

I'm just really looking forward to the forming of THIS group with my Mid-Life Maven Second Saturn Return Sisters. This is a once in a lifetime experience for us!

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