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Aim of our foundation is to create an enriching Eco system, within and outside the self, where an Individual can live his/her aspirations. This is possible when we learn to live life with Purpose.
Many a times individuals are stuck in milestones driven by financial compulsions in life like EMI’s, car, house etc and affects execution and engagement.

YesOrNo foundation was conceived to liberate this self-imposed constraints and make individuals free and fearless, to act on their choices and aspirations !

Outperforming in career and pursuing dreams/inspiration in parallel is one of the way to achieve right balance in life. Career provides sustainability and pursuing dreams provides energy. And if career and dreams/inspiration becomes one then it creates wonder.

The key is finding Time and Energy to work on it and have constructive thought process. YesOrNo workshop demonstrates how to find Time & Energy and develop Constructive Thought Process which helps to express self.

Thoughtswithout action is life bird without wings!C

Let's connect and discuss together and explore more on this topic. Because the more on how to pursue dreams and inspiration!

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