What we're about

The Potluck Dinner Club encourages round robin style of potluck dinners to be hosted by the members. A member would partake in a potluck house warming party, and then host a potluck themselves; inviting the people they know, or met from the last party.

To host a potluck party, please attend an existing party so we can meet you and judge your character. Then, we'll let you post your own potluck party date with the details you give us.

The club is meant to promote social connection, friendships, and fun among clean cut members with regard to ethics and safety. No drugs or ugly behavior by the hosts or the members will be tolerated. Anyone caught hosting a potluck party through our meetup group with these references will be banned permanently. No exceptions.

Our club has rules.

1. All parties must take place in a clean and safe environment. A living residence is OK as long as it's clean and sanitary (house, apartment, condo, etc..) Or, a member can host a potluck party in a public place, (park, garden, hall rental etc.)

2. Everyone attending a potluck party should contribute and bring a dish to pass. We frown on home cooked items because of sanitary health reasons. Each person should purchase an inexpensive dish from the store that's packaged and pre-made. Examples include KFC chicken, ice cream from the grocery store, selections from the Kroger deli that's pre-cooked, popcorn from the dollar store, etc. Theirs plenty of inexpensive and creative options.

3. Hosts must supply coffee, pop, and water. Guests requiring alcohol should bring their own beverage for legal reasons. Hosts have the option of having a dry or wet party based on their own discretion.

4. Potluck guests bring food based on the first letter of their last name. To be fair, we can rotate between the first name, last name, second letter, or the last letter of a persons last name, etc. This will rotate each party.

A-F - Main Course/Entree: KFC, Chinese, sliced deli ham, etc.

G-M - Side dish: Salad, chips, rolls, etc.

N-Z - Dessert: Ice cream, cake, popcorn, cookies, etc.

Whatever guests enjoy at the party is up to the hosts. Board games, conversation, cards, football games on TV, playing catch, badminton, swimming, being lazy...are good ideas!

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