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What we're about

Do you wish you could afford to eat more organic food?

Are you striving to eat more of a plant-based whole food diet and reduce packaging from ordering in when you have nothing in the fridge?


Are you single and find you don't want to make meals for just yourself and then have 4 days of the same meal? (this can work with couples and families too)

If you answered YES to these 3 questions, this meetup may interest you.

There is a tradition of potluck in many lands, where everyone brings a dish to contribute to a communal dinner. This usually takes place for special times such as holidays. WELL...here is my dream!


To connect initially with 5 like-minded individuals and create a potluck exchange. Spend $30 a week to create one main meal (plant-based) and then meet at a cafe for conversation and exchange of frozen meals in tupperware. Oh and how wonderful to think about groups popping up everywhere!


1. You make 1 meal (most recipes are 4-6 portions).
2. You put the 4 remaining servings in tupperware.
3. You meet with 4 like-minded people with your Tupperware Meals
4. You freeze them and take them to your Potluck Xchange location
5. You have coffee and give the meals to each in the group. They do the same
6. The result is you leave with 4 different yummy healthy organic meals (plus the one you have at home from the recipe you made)

That's 5 DIFFERENT MEALS!...in tupperware to go in your fridge/freezer for the week!

HOW exciting!...a new delicious meal every night (with left-overs for the following lunch) for PENNIES...and all organic.

This will greatly reduce grocery bills, prevent vegetables from rotting in the fridge, because you DON'T WANT TO BE COOKING EVERY NIGHT! Not to mention not promoting pesticide industry because you are forced to eat food that is cheap in the big grocery chains.

So this is the challenge. Who wants to give it a shot.

An initial meeting will determine whether recipes are provided or we just help support all the great youtubers with awesome info and recipes

As well, we can discuss, if a collective order might work for getting good pricing on organic kitchen basics like olive oil and spices.

Who wants to start a movement and build connection and community!

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