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The Pow(d)er of Love - Ace of Heart cream tart Baking with Positive Energy… For that extra sprinkle to your love life!

“We are what we eat”, someone famously said. And as Valentine's Day frees us all from January, why not learning to bake something extraordinarily nourishing, good for both our taste buds and souls?

In a unique double act, Pastry Head Chef Serena De Filippis, Founder of DOLCE London, will be joined by Energy Healer Margherita Spangaro, Founder and CEO of EN-LIGHT IT UP!, for a special edition workshop on “Energy Healing and Positive Baking”.

Imagine a bright, homely setting, with all the tools ready and the ingredients neatly disposed, waiting for you to unleash your creativity, and for your perfect cake to manifest!

Serena’s experience will guide you through all the steps to bake a special edition of the famously known “cream tart”. You will learn how to bake the perfect sweet pastry, prepare a delicious double cream but mostly you will have the opportunity to dive right into your creativity and express your fantasy by decorating it giving your very own twist to it!!

You will make everything from scratch, using simple and high quality organic ingredients.

AND choosing the right energetic ingredients, knowing that what you'll have is what you manifest, is also the right recipe to create and "bake" the best, happiest and joyful life that you deserve, for your present and future.

Margherita will work with you on our hearth and sacred chakras, presiding on creativity, emotions, and abundance, helping you only manifesting the best for your love life…and positively charging your cake too!

Ah, yes – we will also be cracking a bottle of Prosecco open.
We did say we are done with Dry January, after all!

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