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Many of us have gained and lost the same 10lbs to 30lbs or more pounds over and over again. At some point we realize it's less about what we eat and more about how we think of food that is causing us to overeat. If you find you are an emotional eater or are addicted to certain foods, or you find you have no control around food, then I urge you to attend this group.
In this group we will specifically focus on utilizing The Power Of Your Mind in helping you to stay away from foods that are unhealthy, stop emotional eating and take your control back so that when you finally lose the weight you are sure to keep it off this time.

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Using The Power Of The Mind To Overcome Food Addictions & Compulsions

Increasingly we are becoming more and more addicted culture whether it’s an addiction to food, alcohol, sex, gambling or drugs. And unfortunately, addictions can be so powerful and compelling that they and are very often difficult to break. In this meetup Hypnotist and Brain hacker Didi Verg of www.brainhacks101.com will be sharing with you her latest research on habits and addictions, along with her revolutionary brain hacks that can make the journey to quitting your food addiction much faster and easier than it once was. You will learn how using aversion and disgust can be a powerful incentive in helping yourself, or your loved one’s take back their control over food.

The Power Of The Mind To Enhance Erotic Experience & Have More Sexual Pleasure

Whether you have 10lbs or 80lbs to lose this does not have to stop you in claiming your inherent birthright for erotic and sexual pleasure. Nobody knows this better than Freja Njorden of the WWW.THESENSUALIST.ORG Although Freja has struggled with her weight of her entire life, she has never let it stop her from enjoying her sensuality. It is our pleasure to bring you Sexpert Freja Njorden as our guest speaker this week. We’ve all heard of athlete’s getting into “the zone”. Well did you know there is also a pleasure zone? Freja calls this “the sex trance”, and in this meetup you will learn how you can use your mind to tap into your sexual response and bring more pleasure into your life. Freja will share with you how you can enjoy yourself sexually regardless of your size. You will discover: • The one thing most of us do that sabotages pleasure and arousal, and how to stop doing it • How to be more aroused • Have more pleasure • Increase your libido • Experience your own your erotic pleasure • And…..HAVE BETTER SEX OVERALL

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