What we're about

This is a group designed for Professional and Business-minded individuals who crave a more fulfilled life. Who realize that the success is not defined by your paycheck but rather by choosing to live a life by your own design.
I started this group with one purpose, to Educate.
Because there is a massive difference between having Financial Freedom and Time Freedom.

Let me tell you my story. To the outside world I had it all. I had spent 17yrs working my way up the Corporate ladder. I was a successful Executive with a highly reputable company and a 6-figure salary to go along with it. But even with the team, the parking spot, and the lifestyle that went along with it, I was miserable. With a daily 3hr commute, the stress, more hours away from my family than with them, I found myself a stranger in my own home most days. I was the absent parent. The one that missed all the school events and became resentful, and that affected every relationship around me. What I craved was time freedom. I was searching for a career that would allow me to create an Empire, for myself and my family. I wanted to build OUR dreams and not someone else’s. I wanted to be surrounded by BIG people, massively successful people who would teach me their playbook.

Fast forward to 8mths ago when I woke up and realized that this life I wanted was possible. A legitimate profession existed that met my very strict criteria, and once I witnessed the caliber of people entering The Profession of Network Marketing, I knew I needed to be apart of it.

I am collaborating with people just like my former self who crave MORE. Who crave MASSIVE financial success and most importantly the ability to structure their own days. Yes it is possible.

If that’s you then you need to educate yourself on what this industry IS and what it is NOT. I invite you to sit down with me, ask questions and ultimately decide if this Industry is right for you. If WE are right for one another as business partners. Because the beauty of this Industry is that you are in business for yourself but never BY YOURSELF.

***Please note this MeetUp group is not for Cross-Promoting your own business. It is for the sole purpose of exploring the Financial Opportunity outlined in the description.

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