• PW2 Monthly Meetup: Five Elements Meditation with Jessica!

    This month we welcome Jessica to lead our group in her Five Elements Meditation. Come and travel within yourself by balancing the five elements of ether, water, air, fire and earth! Jessica's technique incorporates crystal singing bowls, breath work, yoga and universal connection. You will surely be ready for a good nights rest when you are through! Please bring a yoga mat with you if you are able! Hope to see you there!

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Group Past Life Regression

    Group Regression (There is a fee for this Workshop; see below) The energies of our planet and within ourselves are shifting. It is time for us to begin to integrate these new energies and connect with that part of ourself that brings us joy and happiness. As many of you know, the journey is always "within" for this integration. Our alignment comes from within and centers us - giving us access to ideas and thoughts that we may not have had access to previously. This is where the power of Past Life Regression and QHHT comes into play! This particular technique is Dolores Cannor's method of working with groups. The technique, while in a group setting, helps individuals connect with other levels of consciousness within in themselves.This connection can help the individual release, heal or become aware of things that may be holding them back or keeping them stuck in a cycle that they wish to move past or shift. It often times increases the individual's self awareness. This will be an introduction and an experience into connecting with another part of yourself and reclaiming another piece of who you are. Hope to see you there! Cost= $33 Click Here: https://www.practicalwoowoo.com/workshop-intro-to-past-life-regression---qhht.html You must purchase ahead of time to reserve your spot - seating is limited to 12.

  • An Introduction to Reading an Energy Field

    Practical WooWoo

    Only 4 seats remaining! Register Below! This is a fun night for everyone!!! All Levels welcome!! (There is a fee for this workshop -- see below) Come join us for a night of discovery! Learn how to begin to read another person's energy field! Do not worry if you have never tried this before -- the workshop will give you the tools that you need. The workshop begins with a discussion about the energy field that you will be observing and the tools you will need to help yourself "see". As part of the workshop you will have multiple opportunities to "read" and be "read" by others participating in the workshop. If you are looking to develop or deepen your intuitive nature, this is a great way to do so! Cost = $33 (Payment is required to reserve your space; if the mini workshop gets cancelled for any reason you will get a full refund) Click Here to pay: https://www.practicalwoowoo.com/workshop-reading-an-energy-field.html

  • PW2 May 2019 Monthly Meeting: Tarot - Working with the Major Arcana

    Tonight we have a special evening with Archie! Archie has worked with Tarot for most of his life and tonight he will taking us on an adventure with the Major Arcana! See how the cards of the major arcana can be used as one of the tools in your tool box of self development and expansion! Tonight will be lots of fun - readings, partner exercises and some increased self awareness!! Hope to see you there!

  • PW2 Monthly Meetup: Working with Archetypes

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    Back from Hawaii and ready to go! This month we will be working with Archetypes! For those of you who may not know - archetypes are patterns of behavior that extend across our humanity. We each have them and the general idea is that as we begin to discover them, we can better understand ourselves and others. We will be working with the archetypes as described by Carolyn Myss. We will doing individual exercises as well as doing some energy work with each other to help better understand how the particular archetype is working within each of us. Hope to see you there! Nancy

  • March 2019 PW2 Monthly Meetup: Celebrating The Vernal Equinox & Full Moon

    Join us for the welcoming of spring and the celebration of the full moon! It will be a night of great discussion and guided meditations --- completions and new starts! Hope to see you there!

  • Feb 2019 PW2 Monthly Meetup: Loving Your Relationships

    Practical WooWoo

    What do many people think of when you say February? Yes, it's true -- Valentine's Day. So, February is a great month to really check back in with relationships and what they mean to us! Are you loving your relationships? with others? with yourself? I hope so! Come join us for an evening of reaffirming those relationships we enjoy and resetting those which may not bring us as much joy as they could. We will be working with the energetics of your relationship space and if we have time, do mini readings on each other.

  • 2019 Practical WooWoo Monthly Meetup: Bringing Clarity to Your 2019 Intentions

    Stay tuned for the details

  • Bringing 2018 to a Joyous Close

    Practical WooWoo

    Hi everyone, I did not want the year to end without us having an opportunity to get together! Let's come together this list last time in 2018 and recount the many blessings - the obvious and those that may have been disguised as a challenge of some type. Now is a great time to use our hindsight and recount gifts we were given this year and to share our joy with others. It may also give us an opportunity to see some of the "struggles" in a new light! Newcomers are welcome! Come, reconnect with the other Practical WooWoo'ers! I know it is a busy time of year --- but this will be a gift you give ultimately to yourself and your tribe! Guided meditation and interactive group exercises will be included! There may even be some delicious treats involved! Hope to see you there! Nancy