What we're about

The Qabalah Project is a long-term educational project for modern students of the Western Magickal Qabalah. With its roots in ancient Jewish mysticism and its modern manifestation found in the modern Western Magickal Tradition, the Qabalah Project aims to provide a theoretical and practical exploration of the Tree of Life. Red silly string is entirely optional.

With regular evening presentations on a variety of related subjects including initiation, ritual, magick and tarot and full weekend workshops with guest speakers, the Qabalah Project aims to bring Qabalistic practise to life in a modern age. We aim to bring high standards of practise, intellectual challenges, and fun in a ‘professional’ yet vibrant manner.

To clear up any confusion over the different spellings:

• Kabbalah – this is the Jewish mysticism

• Cabala – this is the Christian mysticism based on kabbalah

• Qabalah – this is the Western magickal tradition based on kabbalah

All meetings and events are held in Arundel and Rustington, West Sussex, UK. Meetings are open to everyone regardless of your level of experience and knowledge and you are more than welcome to join us.



Frustratingly Meetup tends to attract a low quality of commitment from members, and people will join groups and give attendance signals and then not turn up. Similarly, people will also leave it to the last minute before giving their intentions...and then not turn up.

As you can imagine, this makes things rather difficult to organise - I have to print off handouts, pay for the venue the venue (10 quid an hour) and provide refreshment. To base all this on say, a group of 12, only to have 2 turn up is rather disheartening and unnecessarily costly.

So, please, please, please, if you can't aren't able to commit to what you say you will do, then please don't bother at all, this is not the group for you. We do not give refunds for the reasons stated above - it's only a fiver to you, but accumulatively, it gets bloody expensive for me.


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