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Welcome to "The Queens Business Networking Group (QBNG)".

For 4 years our main group The NYCBNG has been a leader in hosting business networking events. We have earned the stellar reputation of the premier networking group in NYC. Each month we host business networking events to introduce you to the most dynamic LGBT business professionals. Membership to our group is free so join us by clicking the JOIN US TAB on the right side of the page. If you’d like to sponsor us, please contact us here.


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Group members are NYC's most influential, successful business professionals and executives, including small and medium business owners, entrepreneurs and startups...both veteran and newbie. We don't just provide one type of networking event. We give you several options each month, giving you a choice to network in the style you're most comfortable with.

We invite you to come to this group with an attitude of sharing and giving and not just taking. If you're all about the hard "sell", then this isn't the group for you. Seriously!



There are many benefits to being a member of our community. We provide sponsors and members the opportunity to be part of an dynamic business community and connect with outstanding business professionals. We continue building a strong NYC entrepreneur and business community by focusing on business relationships, getting to know other members and working together to encourage a successful outcome for everyone.


Events provide the opportunity to meet new prospects and contacts to enable you to create relationships and promote and market your business. Attendees come from a diverse range of B2B service providers to help you build your own business. As part of our community, members help generate new business relationships while discovering strategic professional business opportunities. Details about our networking events are posted on the Group Calendar at http://bit.ly/5q5AfA .


As President of The NYC Business Networking Group, Ilana Eberson has appeared in: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, INC Magazine, The New York Post, New York Daily News, TimeOut New York, AM New York, Metro New York and Star-Ledger.


Over the last 3 years NYCBNG has been proudly sponsored by the following companies: American Express, Microsoft, AT&T/Hewlett Packard, GE ecomagination Challenge, HP ProBook PC Powered by AMD, Regus Business Suites, Constant Contact, NY Enterprise Report, Amazon & Delivering Happiness (Zappos), Microsoft 7, NYC Business Solutions, NYC Business Express, Capital One Bank, Banco Popular, Wachovia Bank, New York Life, Kaufman Foundation of Entrepreneurship, Madison Square Garden, Kaplan Testprep, HP and BlackBerry. Contact us if you'd like to sponsor our group.


Videos http://bit.ly/93jqLi and http://bit.ly/dpa92l and http://www.chanceplus1.com/126-126/


See what our members are saying about us in their own words. Video Testimonials (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n6oYNO88F8) and Networking Testimonials at http://bit.ly/bdnead


We provide private services to our business clients. Contact us if you'd like more information. You can find a list of past and present clients at http://bit.ly/bMbnP5


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Collaborate: Connect, Partner, Profit (Live Virtual)

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There is strength in numbers and two heads are better than one... The biggest secret of business success that people don't seem to talk about is that successful entrepreneurs don't do it alone. The mythology of the loner genius transforming the world single-handedly is but a misguided fantasy that has, unfortunately, stopped many entrepreneurs from fulfilling their dreams and reaching their full world-changing potentials. What if Steve Jobs never met Steve Wozniak? COLLABORATE is a live virtual event born out of this need of helping entrepreneurs to find their ideal alliances so they can scale their business to the level that would be impossible to achieve if flying solo. Connect with hundreds of top entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, program leaders & producers of podcasts, radio shows and live & virtual events from around the world, who are all interested in creating alliances with you and promoting your products & programs. On top of that, you'll learn valuable, actionable knowledge & tools, and get the support you need to catapult your business into the next stratosphere. BACKGROUND: Created by the dynamic event team that also designed the annual (since 2013) live JV Experience (JVX) Summit, which has been called the world's #1 joint venture summit. Due to the pandemic, JVX went virtual in May. The May event became the pilot to COLLABORATE. 400 people from around the world attended the 3-day live virtual event that mirrors the live event, with lots of activities, exercises and games to hone your pitches and product offerings, plus tons of opportunities to connect among attendees from around the world. The result was a live virtual event that delivered beyond expectations and generated massive connections and joint venture partners among attendees. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: • Networking Circles: Connect and form collaborative partnerships with industry leaders, experts & influencers from around the world. • Hot Or Not: Test your product or program by getting IMMEDIATE feedback from 100's of coaches & experts on the spot! • Niche Circles: Get feedback & hone your pitches & messages in front of small groups & live coaches • Knowledge Sessions: Learn valuable knowledge and actionable tools from guest speakers • JV Shark Attack: A chance to have your product or program promoted by key industry leaders • Special Exercises & Activities: Uniquely designed partners connecting & business building exercises, and other one-of-a-kind activities created to give your business a mega boost • And Much More: More sessions & activities are being developed even as you read More than ever before, successful entrepreneurs need to be able to weather unexpected storms by going beyond business as usual. COLLABORATE gives you the opportunity to establish global connections so your business can expand, grow, and get promoted beyond local economic conditions and physical boundaries. DATE: July 9 - 11, 2020 RSVP: https://gr348.isrefer.com/go/collaborate/ilana ) COST: US$47 DRESS CODE: Casual 500 (limited tickets) See full event details, testimonials and register at: https://gr348.isrefer.com/go/collaborate/ilana *** Please note that RSVP on Meetup does NOT reserve you a spot at the event. To have your admission guaranteed, you must register and purchase your ticket via https://gr348.isrefer.com/go/collaborate/ilana I look forward to seeing you at the event!!

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