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The Race Unity Circle grew out of an urgent call to action felt by a few members of the Baha'i Faith in response to the news coming out of Ferguson, Missouri. Though started by Baha’is, the Circle quickly became multi-cultural and multi-faith. We believe that all people are members of one race: the Human Race. The elimination of racism from our communities is not just an aspiration; it is a spiritual imperative that requires sustained, persistent action. The Race Unity Circle meets once a month to study at depth the vexing and persistent racial divisions that plague the Poughkeepsie Community, to nurture and grow interracial bonds of friendship and cooperation and to groom speakers and facilitators to offer an authentic discussion about racism, "implicit bias" and racial healing in our neighborhoods, schools, places of worship and workplace. Our group also coordinates and collaborates with other organizations and individuals in this community with a common purpose.

Past events (56)

Annual Race Amity Celebration, Mid Hudson Valley

Online event

Perspectives on Public Education and Race

Online event

"Caste" U.S. history viewed through the prism of "Caste"

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