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ASK YOURSELF: Do you have a dog who is slightly (or more) unruly? Does he/she misbehave and you are at your wits end with him/her? ASK YOURSELF: Could I stand to be a little healthier? Do I want to feel better? Would some sort of exercise do me good? Would it help my dog too? ASK YOURSELF: Do I love the pit bull breed? What can I do to help give these dogs a better name? Now. If you answered yes to all of the above questions....you have just found your dream group. Welcome to PIT BULL BOOT CAMP! This meet up is going to help you build your relationship with your dog. While we ALL work on working out some (basically a walk designed to get our heartbeats up a little), we will be alternating with some dog training as well. Your dog will be attached to you on his/her leash, so will have no choice but to follow! You will be having fun getting YOUR walking workout in, and he/she will begin to see you mean business! No more of this "Come on, Sweet Pea....come on...." asking him to come with you. You will just join the exercise party we are all going to be participating in, and "Sweet Pea" WILL fall in line! You will be amazed at what a better dog you have in just a few classes! You will be amazed at the bond you and your dog will build in these classes! And you will be amazed at what a difference in how you feel about yourself after putting in some dedicated exercise time with a fun group of dog lovers who are a lot like you! I decided to start this meet up because I have actually been toying with an idea like this for ten years! BUT the other day my doctor told me for my own health, I MUST get some regular exercise in every day! I know I feel better after doing some of exercise, and I love training my dogs....so I figured you might too! Come try it out!! I think you will love it....and I KNOW your dog will!

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