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This Meetup will focus on how to recover your true Self (remembering your Real and Authentic Self by getting beneath the layers of lies and old patterns that have been blocking you). We will look at and come to terms with the negative ideas you took on long ago that never belonged to you--enabling you to see and release the patterns they formed and the train tracks that have been running your life ever since. So that you can be become FREE!

“If anyone ever told you that you were anything less than wonderful, they lied.” In our time together we will explore and share in exercises that will guide you to identify your personal struggles with: -Self-Esteem Deficits and Shame -Negative Core Beliefs and the Lies about Ourselves that we Believe -The effects of destructive Family and Parenting experiences that shape and mold us from our earliest ages -Old Toxic ideas about Religion, God and Spirituality -Toxic ideas and shame we carry about Sexuality and what love really is -The ways these ideas manifest in negative and self-defeating patterns in our lives… especially in: Relationships (including repeated patterns in relationships), Work and Money and Success, Separation from our own Spirituality and our True Selves and even in parenting our own children. We will look at and identify how these elements have been at work in our own lives, identify them, get clear about what we want instead and identify strategies to help us take action and set goals to get there.

Throughout the process, we will use meditations selected from books like The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie, Facing Love Addiction by Pia Mellody, The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, The Courage to Change Meditation Book from the Al-Anon program, The Course in Miracles, the Works of Marianne Williamson, and many more sources to explore what the Real Self means to each of us and how we have been blocked to reaching our highest potential and the acceptance, embracing and approval of ourselves that we all long for and deserve.

We will also open up the group for shared insight through group sharing and reflection along with focused written exercises that we will also share in a group forum of respect with openness and respect for each others' boundaries.

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