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Welcome to the Raleigh, NC InvestHER Chapter! This group is to help women real estate investors meet, connect, and learn together and from one another!


• Annchen Knodt
Annchen Knodt has a background in math and computer science and has worked for over a decade as a data scientist in a neuroscience lab at Duke University. She was excited to discover a few years ago that she can put her analytical skills to work in real estate investing and is passionate about the pursuit of financial freedom. So far she has partnered with her parents on three single family rentals in North Carolina and Texas, done a live-in BRRR in Maryland, and partnered in 2 syndications and a short-term rental joint venture. Her primary focus is cashflow, and she is currently focused on acquiring short-term rentals. She has been incredibly energized and inspired by the amazing people she has met in the real estate investing community, and looks forward to making more connections while working alongside others on the same path. Annchen spends much of her free time helping to raise and train future service dogs, and she also loves to travel.

Raleigh Meeting Information: Within the InvestHER Community FaceBook group, there are many options for online/virtual meetings that women can join from around the country covering a variety of topics. Since there's plenty of information available online, we're having all of our Raleigh meetings in-person. Because our in-person meetings are focused on group discussions, we generally don't have slides/handouts available to send out after the meeting. Our community is focused on women supporting other women in real estate, so please keep all comments & conversations respectful.


The Real Estate InvestHER® is more than a community - it is a movement. Our mission is to empower women in real estate to live a financially free and balanced life. We are dedicated to creating empowering online and in-person communities where women have a non-intimidating environment to receive the support, knowledge, and accountability to live life on their own terms.

How To Join the InvestHER Movement

1. The Real Estate InvestHER Membership
This one-of-a-kind membership offers women investors a supportive community and a step-by-step roadmap to create a steady recurring income to live life on their own terms.

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2. The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast

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3. InvestHER Community on Facebook
Join thousands of experienced and newer community members in our free Facebook InvestHER Community group. This is a safe place for women to ask real estate investing questions and gain the support they need to achieve their goals! Join here. (
We also have a Raleigh-specific group, which is a great place to get advice from and build relationships with other local investHers:

4. Amazon Bestseller: The Only Woman in the Room by Ashley Wilson

“Throughout my career there were multiple occasions where I have stood as the only woman in the room. This powerful book is a must read and I only wish it had been available early on in my career!” - Barbara Corcoran


COVID guidelines for indoor meetings should always follow the recommendations outlined by the CDC. Please follow your respective state guidelines for indoor gatherings.  Please note these guidelines are as of May 1, 2022 and are subject to change.

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