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I make this group because Leicester is an awful place for Entrepreneurs, and meeting others is near impossible. Entrepreneurship can be a pretty lonely and thankless experience, but I wouldn't ever swap it for the world (and definitely not for a 9-5) - and I'm looking to create a group where like-minded hungry, driven visionaries socialise.

I know there are 2-3 other entrepreneur meetups in Leicester, but in my opinion they're a little too stiff for me. I'm looking to create a kind of social group where a group of us entrepreneurs can be themselves, share experiences, shoot-the-shit and help each other out.

To make it crystal clear - This is a place where we can be ourselves and air our frustrations and share our successes. This is a place where you can be your real self - we all have days we feel the world sucks and think we're lazy and useless, and others when we feel unstoppable - this is a support group and a place for knowledge sharing.

I don't want to hear your pitch, I don't care how successful you are or aren't, and I don't have any contacts or know any investors. Come if my description hits a note with you, and you want to meet others who go through the same stuff.

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