Past Meetup

This is to collect donations for the two laptop computers

Price: $10.00 /per person

Needs a location


This is NOT an actual meeting.

It's purpose is to allow members to donate toward our community outreach program.

If you want to donate to the laptop computers, you can reserve a space here for a minimum of $10 per person. This money will go toward two laptops we need for our community outreach program to teach children robotics. We are hoping to meet our goal of $600 in the next week.

Special Incentives:

$10 : A card signed by the children in the class thanking you for helping us out.

$30: All the the prior rewards and a 3D printed robot charm.

$60: All the prior rewards and a "Outreach Supporter" button.

$100: All the the prior rewards and your business or personal URL listed on our club home page for the rest of 2013.

$250: All the the prior rewards and a framed custom 3D printed robot thank you plaque.

To donate more money, just add additional guests ($10 per guest) and meetup will charge you accordingly.