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Buzz M. R.



Boulder, CO

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Dec 12, 2017

Are you local to Riverside, CA and if not, where are you from. (required)

Boulder, CO, but currently staying in Hemet for several months.

What do you hope to gain from belonging to this group? (required)

Knowledge, experience, and inspiration sharing.

Are you a robot builder, and if so, are you more of an "off the shelf" or "build it from scratch" kind of person? (required)

All of the interests mentioned! I have, and consult on, the RB5X (w/arm), and Hero 1, both from 'way back when. Small 'claim to fame': principal test engineer for telecommunications subsystem on Surveyors III and VI spacecraft, currently sitting on Lunar surface after successful missions over 50 years ago!! (;->)

What kind of project(s) are you most interested in working on?

AI and cognitive subsystems for behavior-driven devices and robots.

a. Are you more interested in autonomous or remote controlled robots? b. Are you interested in robot competitions?

Autonomous mostly. Not particularly interested in competitions, but more along lines of educating others who are inspired by robotic device pursuits.