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It would be great for those of us, who are fairly new to DSLR's and digital photography, to have some meetups on basic digital photography ABC's. It wouldn't bore some of us! :-)


So figured we should make this happen. This will be an intro course for DSLR/photography in general. It will focus on the camera and taking the picture. Many other courses can tackle post processing and workflow. This will be "The Basics" for fair warning.

Here is an initial agenda:
Focal Length, Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture), Camera Modes (S, A, M, P)

Everyone attending should bring their camera as I am hoping we have time to try the different settings and "play around". I will have previously shot examples of the different settings but will also setup small scene(s) that everyone can try.

What I need everyone to do at this point is confirm you are able to make the event. We have a place for 15 but if we need larger, I can look for one. Second, please let me know if you want anything else covered. Almost anything is fair game.


Bob Burgess