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Check this site to see if any meetup has been CANCELLED due to WINTER WEATHER by 2:00PM.


If you have a very common name your whole name would be appreciated (you would be amazed how many Bills there are for example).

Come and join us for friendly, non-completive and fun games of euchre.

You will find us to be very welcoming but we are NOT a teaching group. You must have a working knowledge of euchre and be over the age of 21 to join. You may come as our guest twice then decide if you wish to join our group. If you still want to play, the ***DUES are $15.00 PER YEAR*** to join. You can pay Gay first, Barb or Marty at any time during a meetup.

Meetups for this euchre group are every week, all year long. We switch from a West Side venue to an East Side venue. To check where we are playing you can click the calendar, on our Home Page. Stick the dealer and a Farmer’s Hand of nines and tens are played. At the start of each new game, the dealer is picked by the first Jack. Winners stay at the table, losers move and everyone switches partners. Loaners are 4 points, Euchres are 2 points and if you euchre someone on a loaner it is 4 points.

Some people might have to sit out a game if there is an uneven number of players.

We usually meet around 5PM to eat before playing. You are NOT required to eat at any venue, but remember we do play for free at each venue. People come and go. If you want to leave early or come late, it is not an issue.

Please play your game the way you want to play it. Unless someone asks for help, or directions, none should be given. Remember, this is a FUN and SOCIAL GROUP. ENJOY!

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