What we're about

The Round Table is a one day event for Conscious Leaders to experience Inner Peace and explore its various methods.

During a full one day seminar you and other enthusiastic conscious leaders will be able to immerse yourselves in a bath of Inner Peace and spiritual practices under the guidance of passionate experts in their fields:

Here's how the program looks like

- *Dynamic Morning Yoga practice* by Yoga teacher Isabelle Gheldof
- *Inner Peace Astrology* by Astrologer Michael Van den Bossche aka 'The Leo Mystic'
- *Finding Inner peace with the Body-Soul Shift* by Life coach Cordelia Gaffar
- *Shamanic drumming* by Medicine Singer Andre Nicholas Tomlinson
- *Embracing your vulnerable side* by psychologist Sherina Shamdasani
- *Vegan nourishment & Healing* by Vegan chef Ujji Brawley
- *Crystal & Sound Bowl Healing* by Name to be announced
-*Kirtan songs by Name to be announced*

If you answer 'yes' to one or more of these questions you will know if the event is for you:

- A day of conscious leaders and Inner Peace experts together in one room makes you excited?

- Are you a thought leader or an influencer who is looking to start or deepen his/her spiritual practice?

- Are you someone who wants to maintain Inner Peace and explore the different forms of practicing it?

- Are you someone who wants to maintain an optimal flow in your life/work balance?

- Are you also longing to connect and expand your network with more like-minded leaders who are involved in making this world a more conscious place?

Then we are looking forward to welcome you at The Round Table New York


Much Love

Inner Peace

The Leo Mystic

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